Battle Anyone?


First come first serve…we need someone to give the specifications also. C’mon GO FOR BROKE


400 x 120, max. Sprite usage limit, 2.


TigerGenocide isn’t gonna hold them.
he’s gonna tell you to take it to CMz.

i guess the PerfectCell vs Master Chibi, and the Hondaluva vs Dr. Spr0cter battles ruined it for everyone.

see if you can change his mind tho. cause i’ve seen nothing but people asking for a tag/av war for the longest.


It’s just a one on one thing. Nothing big, we don’t need moderator help for this shiet. :smiley:

And anyhow, moderation should never have to come into a tag battle unless rules are being broken :smiley:


that’s tru

then how bout instead, you make it one large tag war?
cause that’s what the people want. if i’m wrong, then the people should come in here and deny it. they won’t, cause they know they want a tag war.

we pick the judges, judges make the stips, etc.


What exactly did I ruin?




you shouldn’t be offended, i was just going by the name of the event so people would know what i was talking about. in the PerfectCell vs Master Chibi match, PerfectCell ruined everything. mainly by being a bitch.

in the Hondaluva vs Dr. Spr0cter match, Dr. Spr0c ruined everything.


then all the experienced people should battle first; that way the other people who dont really know much can learn from example.




Its not the fact that Im needed or not, its just that I dont exactly wanna see this place turn into a battleground. There are other sites for that, namely that scrubby ass battlegrounds place, cmz, tagmonkey, somethingleet, all that. They have dedicated forums for it, we dont. This is mainly a help/showcase/request forum. But it does bring a sort of competition, I just dont think this is the place for battles, sure the global tag/av wars are good for everyone to participate in and I think it should be left at that. The occosional battle wont hurt, and it lets me stay here to see stuff (i dont like multiple forums). But if you are signed up at one of the aforementioned forums and like to battle alot, please take it there.


then close your eyes till it’s over.

well, Image Mishmash is dedicated to posting images, correct? i mean, that’s what it says on the description before clicking into this section. this is this place is BUILT on competition, it’s what keeps the site afloat. tag battles are just competition with images.

yes, i agree. i’m pretty much the same on that too.
so are you agreeing with a tag/av war for this time?


Haha I’m starting to like how this is sounding. :smiley:


i dont understand what the hell u guys are doing?:confused:


we had a christmas theme before, so if there is gonna be an Official War this month it could be halloween/scary theme…make your avatars scary that would be interesting

i’m not gonna deny it, i want a battle of some sort :slight_smile:



thing is, i’ve already agreed with you on “occasional” battles. i agree, because i agree with battles in general. wether them being occasionally or regularly. i came into this topic trying to see if a tag/av war would go down.

so you dodged my question.
are you agreeing to a tag/av war for this time?



saying that you aren’t denying the battle, is anything but "yes"
it just means, you aren’t saying no.

stop giving me the grey area.

i was looking for something along the lines of a: yes. i agree that we should have a tag/av war.


Go look around till you find it.


stop fucking around. before i ban you.