Battle Arena Toshinden 3

'Til this day I still find this game to be extremely fun. Judgement, Tracy, and Rachel are my best characters. Do any of you still play?

How much better is it than 2? I thought 2 was really awful and what are you playing it on?

Eiji was my fav and you know that intro was cool.

I remember I got the anime at around the same tiome as well a Tosh 3

It was easily the best of the series. Or at least the most fun and technical.

When I used to play it, I rocked the house with David.

I haven’t played it in years (unlike 1 and 2, I never got around to getting a copy of it). I remember favoring Nagisa.

The combos and juggle system in this game is insane.

The only things I can remember about Toshinden 3 are:

(a) …having the abililty to switch between 30fps and 60fps, which was a really nice option back in the day.

(b) …playing as some dude with a chainsaw… or was it claw blades? Crap, I can’t even remember that anymore. Anyway, guys with chainsaws in fighting games = bad idea.

As for the series itself, I seriously think it took a turn for the worse with every new game. I bought the first game at launch along with my preordered PS1 (Ellis had some really wicked combos), and it barely left my console until Tekken came along a few months later. The sequel was a disappointment, and the third game just felt uninspired and was completely overshadowed by the Tekken series at that point.

I played Mondo, but Gaia was way to cheap!!! one button 10 hit combos!!!

Didn’t the arcade version of 2 have lower damage then the console? I think damage was the big problem with 2. 3 was kinda MI1-ish to me, in fact MI1 and Toshinden sorta reminded me of each other in some aspects.

Are you sure that Gaia has a one button 10-hit combo? I have the game and I don’t recall him having that. I’m 'bout to check it out now.

I remember when I got the first Toshinden. I went to EB back in the day when the Playstation was still new in the market. I wanted to get SF The Movie being a huge SF2 gamer and the clerks in the store told be how horrible it was and forced me to get something else and I saw Toshinden which also happened to be a fighting game so I decided to buy it and I didn’t regret my purchase.

BAT Remix for saturn. best one

Fuck yes, David was awesome. I dunno how good I am, but I always thought he was beginner friendly - so beginner friendly that he was almost broken.

The only thing I didn’t really like about the game was each fight was one long continuous round instead of two mangeable separate rounds. But I guess long life bars fit the insane combo system better.

I like Judgement better 'cause he reminds me so much of Jason Vorhees. He was also cheap too. Auto-guard on his throws and a few of his moves.

Actually the life bars aren’t long and you can change the rounds to 2 out of 3. Combos is what speed the matches up, especially in 1/60 mode(the best gameplay mode).

Let’s talk about combos. What are some of the combos that you all remember?

Things I remember:

  • One super the dude said “I Like this Feeling!!!”

  • That crazy Amaazon dude who had a dart gun

  • Some Michale Jackson rip off

  • A really annoying small girl with a big sword

  • Some girly guy with a gun

Wasn’t this the Toshinden no one liked? That had like 35 characters, who were all a bunch of Jasons, and Michael Jackson clones?

The gaia 10 hit combo: Press R1… or R2, some move when a fan comes out and then some fire, shit was to good

As far as the clones in this game, every character had different combos, priorities, and properties, but had the same specials and supers.

What? Uhh … I think everyone had access to some special “bomb” or whatever that made a fucking huge ass explosion that could combo into and out of other attacks. However, the entire cast were NOT clones of themselves.

Everytime you’d beat the game, you’d unlock another character. And in many cases, these new characters played similar to already existing characters; however there were some differences. Think of it akin to how some of the “dead” Tekken characters’ styles have been resurrected in new characters with some alterations.

I imported BAT3 last year. It’s a all around great game with a killer soundtrack that owns alot of what capcom puts out for BGM these days. Someone should resurrect the old BAT thread.

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