Battle Arena Toshinden Thread featuring Toshinden 3

Toshinden 3 was released in 1997 by Takara. If you had a ps1 back in the day then you undoubtably know about Toshinden and the Toshindi Tournament series. Battle Arena Toshinden, Toshinden Remix, Toshinden 2, Toshinden URA, Toshinden 3 (The best in the series) and Toshinden 4 (the worse in the series) ports for the Gameboy and PC were made also.
Toshinden 3,unarguradbly one of the most overlooked fighting games to this date anyone who knows the history of Toshinden and its fans know what I mean. They need to reamke the game and put it on a new gen console which would be beatiful.
Here is a tier list for Toshinden 3 and links to match videos that I promised some time ago featuring myself and Sanfrod.

BAT 3 Class Tier List

S+ Sho, Veil
S Tracy, Rachael,Shultz, Abel
A Kayin, Miss Til, Adam, David, Nagisa, Rungo, Vermillion
B Balga, Judgement, Athahua, Sofia, Zola, Ellis, Gaia, Tau, Shizuku, Toujin, Zola, Naru, Leon, Bayhou,Ten Count, Chaos
C Duke, Cuiling,
D Eiji (Yes he is the worst character in the game)

Gaia vs Adam

Rungo vs Vermillion

Rachael vs Schultz

Vermillion vs Miss Til

More will be up featuring other characters but in the meantime enjoy and see the game in high level for the first time ever!

Sho was an obvious top tier :rofl: . Hmmm…what is the tier list for the first game?

Yeah Sho outclassed everyone with the exception of Veil who is just as strong. Sho is the Akuma of Toshinden with Veil unique in his own right just as powerful. Don’t know about Toshinden 1 though outside of Sho and Gaia who which of course were the bosses.

Duke is bottom tier? :sad:
I played the GB game when I was a kid. Very well done for a GB game, but lately I’ve realised that the same game engine was used for a lot of GB games like KOF GB and World Heroes GB and crazy stuff like that. Almost identical games, except for different characters and moves obviously.
Also, Dukes ending in GB portrays him as gay for Eiji :rofl:

Quiet Jeron before I cut you using Sho :arazz: Sho will always be my favorite Toshinden character :rock:

I’m surprised that the “Ryu” of the game is dead bottom while the “Akuma” is at the top.

I remember BAT 1 when it came out in '95 for the PSX. Shit was too hype, it made Virtua Fighter look like garbage. It’s a shame the series didn’t really go as far as it could have.

lol 1 mess-up against David and you totally are gonna get caught in the easiest-to-perform infinite in fighting game history. lol

'Scuse me…but why the FUCK does Kayin have Eiji’s old Jumping qcb+K (as well as the Scottish Moon), and now Eiji ain’t got shit?

I hope this game made that company go bankrupt.

lol BAT

For a time I actually thought someone made a thread for that shitty Wii title trying to pass itself off with the Toshiden name.

<3 I knew Jeron and Sanford were my fav EC players for a reason (coughcoughIseenthesexyEX2+vidscoughcoughswallow).

BT3 is that awesome sauce. EVERYONE should have a cup, at some point in their life. :tup:

I too hope they remake a “REAL” BAT(3) (with BAT2 boss characters…I like BAT2 the best though) game. Better 3rd gen graphics and a lil faster = TOO GOOD!!!


FOR THE LOLZ: [media=youtube]YoUvaqcD5Fo[/media] :razz:







Wait the unlockables are actually different characters? I’m talking about characters like Leon, Rachel or Balga.

David is S+ Class. He says “It’s all over for you!”/“It’s OVER!” for a reason. Easiest infinite in fighting game history. lol

wasnt there a mode in 3 to switch between better graphics or better frame rate?

Any high level play/infinites for the first toshinden? I still play that game every now and then and would like to see what good play looks like.

Needs moar BAT2…

MOAR!!! :badboy:

BAT2 is still one of my all time favorite fighting games and highly underrated IMO.

For it’s the time the graphics were just incredible, and one of the best soundtracks ever.

BAT1 and BAT3 were also great games, I don’t know why they decided to get rid of pretty much the entire cast for BAT4 (which was a horrible game) and now in the new ‘Toshinden’ game there isn’t even a single old character left.

Sofia FTW, she’s awesome and probably my fav fighting game character after Chun and Rose.

Thanks for the BAT3 Tier list, do you also have one for BAT2?

I got some questions for you guys. Why is BAT3 the best and why is BAT4 aka Subaru the worst? I only played a little bit of 4, so I have not gotten to deep yet (I only had access to the ISO before I deleted it, now I want to get the real thing). I only have BAT1, BAT Remix, and BAT2 atm. I do say that BAT2 is a huge improvement from the other two games mentioned.

My favorite is BAT2, even though BAT3 had awesome combo’s, it felt a little slower to me, and the graphics took a step back.

BAT4 got rid of the original cast, was even slower then BAT3 and the graphics got a lot worse as well.