Battle at the Border 2.5, 11/01/08 You Get to Help Choose a Game and IT'S ALL ARCADE!

No point in making a new thread so I changed the title of an old one.

Go here, Go Vote, Come Play

here is the link to the tourny thread and game poll.


Rules for Brawl have been added.


Update: Rules for MVC2 low tier tournament are now up.

This needs a sticky… or I’d like to see it sticky ;o

Otherwise, Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Update: I updated the MVC2 low tier characters list

AND Super Smash Bros:Brawl Doubles has been added to the line up of side tournaments.


ill be sippin on them bahama mamas while you goonz mash yalls heads in

Bahama Mamma??? Shit let me bust out my shaker and make you a REAL drink.

The time schedule of games are gonna start being released at the end of this weekend towards the beginning of next week. I’ll keep in touch in here.


Game schedule is now up. Check the main thread for details.


man the border is fuckign ghetto…

MVC2 has had a time change to 6:30.


Food will be sold at the tournament. CyberComics sent me an email stating they will be selling Hot Dogs, Chips, Honey Buns, Candy Bars, and drinks.