Battle at the Border 2 Announcement - Help choose the date

Yes you read right Battle at the Border 2 from the looks of it is happening I just have to iron out a few details and it is set. Games, rules, and a thread will be up later on but for now the main thing is the date. I know some big tournaments happen in May and I do not want to intrude so I wanna have this early in May. The dates I have in mind are May 3rd or 10th. I would try the 17th but that is the weekend before the Memorial Day weekend and from what I have seen ECC is usually on Memorial Day weekend and the 17th cuts a little close. (Assuming ECC goes down) But I’ll toss it in just to see if it gets votes.

To those who want to come, are coming, or thinking about coming please vote as to which date would be best. I like the 10th but still iffy on which weekend is best so I’ll ask the players to choose the date best for the majority of them.

The date with the most votes obviously will be the date chosen. Unless said otherwise.

Thank you all for reading and voting.


You mean ECC is held Memorial Day Weekend which is March 24th I believe. Labor Day weekend is in September. I would suggest early May just so you avoid being close to it in case it does happen.

Oh ok thanks for the clarification Ranma. Good luck with SC. I’ll be sure to change that in my post.


May 3rd, i get paid the 2nd :lovin:

Bump, I didn’t set a close on this cause I accidently accepted it before I could put it in but the close for this poll is on Wed night/Thurs morning.


<3 BOTB!!! :woot:

Is there a date set on stone yet? I really wanna go T_T

wtf i hate these tourneys, sooo fucking farrrr

Not yet that is what the vote is for. Vote if you haven’t already. Oh and it’s BATB.



plz no may 17th, im going to the bahamas drinkin bahama mamas :lovin::lovin:

ill come if you guys do it on may 3rd

money matches para me?

Is there an idea of what games are gonna be at BATB.

So far the 3rd is looking good since it has the most votes. As for money matches I’m sure if you come and post for mm’s you will get a good amount of matches. Seems everybody here is down for money matches in whatever.

The list right now is being worked on, I had a list of games already at hand but found out that I might have a time limit. Extending the time is being worked out but expect at least 6 games. The original list consisted of 7 + a surprise tournament. I’ll keep everybody updated.


Come On Everybody Get Your Vote In!!! Wed Night/thurs Morn Is The Deadline.


May 3rd got my vote…

Hopefully it would be May 3rd

So whats going on.
I voted 3rd a while back >_<

May 3rd is the date. Me and my new co-director Hamm are going today around 5 to finalize in the booking of the place. I would make a thread already but I want to make sure everything goes smooth and there are no surprises. Would suck to have all this hype and then BAM the place falls through or something. Hopefully all goes well today and if so expect an official thread up with in the next couple of days. I’ll make a thread here in the southwest part letting everybody know about it and a link to the thread along with updates and such hopefully by tonight or tomorrow.

I will definitely keep this posted updated with whats up.

Also this is random since i forgot to put a close on the poll. But voting is closed. thank you all who voted wish there would of been a few more but thats cool. Keep an eye out for updates. Peace out.


May 3rd is out of the question the place cannot host our tournament on that day due to another event taking place. Right now its either the 10th or 17th. We have it set at the 10th right now but are looking around for what day of the two is better. I’ll post on this as soon as possible.


i say May 17th, since May 3rd cannot due

Okay after looking around on the tournament thread I noticed that ECC is not happening this year instead some players are looking to having there own tournament on that weekend in place of ECC. The only reason why I didnt want to have BATB2 on the 17th was because I was unsure of ECC. Now that I know I will not be running into a major the 17th looks more plausible then the 10th. The date is booked for the 10th but probably will be switched to the 17th. Giving our top players in TX a good tournament to look forward to being as ECC is not happening this year. Hopefully we get people from around all of TX. I’ll post tomorrow on what happens after I call the owner of the place and get stuff officially finalized.

Again the 17th is probably going to be the new date but will post on here what happens so all of you know for sure. When this info is done with I will make threads with information on airports, lodging, rules, times, maps, etc.

Thank you everybody for your support and patience with this and hopefully it will all be done with tomorrow. Thank you peace out.


I talked to the owner of the building a little while ago about changing the date of Battle at the Border 2 to May 17th and he said it was okay. I asked if there was anything going on that day and he said from his knowledge it was free that weekend so we are at about a 98% sure go on May 17th. Hamm is my co-director and will be going by either today or tomorrow to get the finalization of this to boost us up to the 100% so as of now the date is the 17th and will more then likely stay at this date.

So mark your calendars people May17th is BATB2. 100% confirmation should be either tonight or tomorrow.