BATTLE AT THE BORDER 2007 April 7th in Brownsville TX

Ok so I tried to post in all the threads but I was like wow im dumb for doing this so I made this thread so you all can see. I got tired of pretty much spamming so if I didnt post in your thread its beause I made this thread before I could spam yours lol. Sorry for this being a little short notice.


A few updates in rules.

Team tournament cost lowered to help the out of towners out with costs.

Updated the rules and map directions.


holy shit this is far

Yes…yes it is.


Ya pretty long trip good thing its already at a hotel :wgrin:

yo Beef you down for that first to ten for 20$?

we can fianlly get that done


You know it son

Im not getting mad or anything but please keep money matches and what not in the tournament thread.

Oh and just so you all know I will have set ups on the side for casual and money match play.


Tournament Update:

ST time announced

T5:DR payout updated


im down for this shiiiiiiiii

Super Smash Bros. Melee Team Tournament was moved up into earlier into the day instead of after singles like the rest.


hey, adrian was going to help me run marvel if thats cool with you because i just wanna concentrate on winning, i mean i’ll still be doing it, adrian will just help out so i can think more about the tourny and my matches.


Results thread is up along with shoutouts

You may unsticky this thread now.