"Battle at the Border 2007" April 7th MVC2/3S/SSBM/T5DR/ST/Slash


“Battle at the Border 2007” in Brownsville, TX April 7th MVC2/3S/SSBM/T5DR/ST/Slash


Date: April 7th, 2007
Where: Brownsville, TX
La Quinta Inn & Suites
5051 North Expressway
Brownsville, TX 78520
Phone# 956-350-2118 Ext. 403

BRING YOUR OWN STICK THIS IS CONSOLE. someone asked me if they needed to bring there own pad/stick im sure someone will let you borrow one but yeah people prefer there own arcade sticks compared to other peoples

Hotel A is the one we are at. So when looking at the map choose A.
Basically just stay on the highway the whole way untill you reach brownsville. Then just look for and take the Alton Gloor exit. The exit takes you right in front of the hotel you can’t miss it.

DEMON_JIM ? 956-454-2457 (call me if you need more info, get lost, shit happens along the way, your going to be late, etc.)

Registration will be pretty much all day since people will be arriving at all times. But it starts around 12 PM for everything.
First tournaments start promptly at 1:30PM maybe a little earlier
Late registration per game will be called 30 minutes before each game begins. So I can make the brackets.
TEAM TOURNAMENTS registration will start during the middle of the last singles tournament. SSBM team registration starts towards the end of Smash singles.


Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (Dreamcast)
Street Fighter 3: Third Strike (PlayStation2)
Super Smash Brothers: Melee (Gamecube)
Guilty Gear XX: Slash (PlayStation2)
Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo (PlayStation2)
Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection (PlayStation3)

*Team 2 on 2: *
Marvel vs. Capcom 2
Street Fighter 3: Third Strike
Super Smash Brothers: Melee
Guilty Gear XX: Slash
Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection

$5 registration fee (All players playing in tournaments must register, you will receive a braclet to wear upon registration please dont lose it, anyone not wearing a bracelet will not be allowed to play on any of the consoles this includes casual, if you plan on showing up and not playing anything at all its cool you dont need to reg but other then that everyone must register)

$10 entry fee per tournament except Super Turbo
$5 entry fee for Super Turbo
$10 per team (if time permits) (reg for team starts during the middle of the last singles tourny, Smash team reg starts during the the final call of 3S reg)
If a player joins 4 or more tournaments (singles) the reg fee will be waived.

1st 70%
2nd 20%
3rd 10%

T5:DR Singles
1st 70% (+ $100 bonus to anyone who wins this that is not from Harlingen or Brownsville, this is on top of the 70% that is already won)
2nd 20%
3rd 10%

Team (if time permits)
1st 70%
2nd 30%

The reason T5:DR got the $100 bonus is because it was up to the person who donated the money. Thank you for the donation to the T5:DR pot.

Standard double elimination for singles and team.
Standard rules for all fighting games, you all should know them by now or you shouldn?t be playing. They will posted up at the tourny anyway.
SSBM - Wobbling is banned. (as discussed by a majority of the smash players)
3S - Judgement will NOT be used to determine a winner. That match/round will be played over again

All singles (excpet Smash) will be 2of3. Winners/Losers finals will be 3of5, and grand finals will be 4of7 (loser must win 2 sets).
SSBM will be 2of3 all matches inluding Winners/Loser finals, the Grand Finals will be best 3of5 (loser must win 2 sets)

If ANY singles tournament does not get at least 7 players that game will be cancelled and players will get there money refunded.

If a singles tournmanet ends up getting cancelled the players may play a their own thing on the side. This will no longer be official but a side tournament. And they will be in charge of running it themselves.

If ANY team tournament does not get at least 6 players that game will be cancelled and players will get there money refunded.

All games will be played out in full no ties or splits in money.

‘’’’’‘DUE TO TIME LIMITES ON THE VENUE (gotta be out at midnight we might have to book a few more hours but that will be last minute) I WILL BE VERY STRICT ON MATCHES. YOU HAVE 2 MINUTES TO GET TO YOUR STATION WHEN YOU ARE CALLED OR YOUR MATCH WILL BE FORFEITED. NO REFUNDS FOR THIS EITHER ITS YOUR FAULT. I will try and go around missing players but if your not there and your match is holding things up DQed it is. Please let me or whoever is helping me run tournaments know if you will be missing (bathroom, other matches your playing in, etc.)’’’’’’

Team Rules:
3S, GGXXSlash, and T5DR
At sign up of team tournament each individual of each team will be asked to choose a character they will stay with for the duration of the tournament each player must choose a different character then the one chosen by his partner (ex. TeamABC signs up for 3S, player 1 chooses Ken, player 2 must choose someone else that is not Ken and they must stick with these characters for the entire tournament)

MVC2 and Smash
Game on in this tournament. There will be no set characters, play whoever you want whenever you want. This is going to be an interesting tournament. Blind pick available upon request for first match.

Judges/Tournament runners:
Gobz (Smash)
BIG_BEEF! (Slash)
Noa (MVC2)
More judges TBA

Order of games, times will be added later once I known how many stations I have
1:30 P.M. Super Smash Brothers: Melee
2:00 P.M. Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection
2:30 P.M. Guilty Gear XX: Slash
3:30 P.M. Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo
4:45 P.M. Street Fighter 3: Third Strike
5:45 P.M. Marvel vs. Capcom 2

ALL team tournaments will start after the conclusion of the last singles tournament.




Food is within walking distance. There is a Burger King a block over right next to a gas station. Subway is near by, an A&W restuarant, amd a few small restaurants. There is a gas station like a said earlier for snacks and drinks. If you have a car or ride the city is about 5 minutes from there and thats where all the big restaurants and fast food places are. Chilis, Texas Steakhouse, Johnny Carinos, Rudys Steakhouse, food court in the mall, McDonalds, some chinese restuarant, and a I believe there is a Whataburger some where around there.

La Quinta the place we are at has rooms, a small motel named Tree Inn is next door, a Sheraton a mile away, across the street is another La Quinta, and Red Roof Inn and Motel 6 are along the way but are a little further out about 2 miles I believe. I dont know bout housing you would have to post up in the harlingen thread in the southwest area.

If anybody can help out with tvs, certain consoles/games, and converters it would be greatly appreciated. I have some of everything but I would like to have some more to accomidate more players. There more setups I have the faster things will run and it increases the chances of team tournaments.

I need more:
Playstation 2s Japanese/Modded
Guilty Gear XX: Slash
DC Converters
Playstation 3 w/DR
Playstation 3 converters

Like I said I already got some of everything I just need a few more in certain things to make the tourny run more smoothly.

All consoles, tvs, games, and converters will be labled so there is no confusion as to what belongs to who. I will also have it written down somewhere.



Jim, take the Smash off that teams rule thing. A lot of teams rely on going ditto characters (double shiek, double fox etc).
Other than that I’ll post up on our forums and smash boards to see how many are expected to come and how many set ups we’ll bring.


Awesome i’ll be sure to go to this


I’m in for Guilty Gear Slash and possibly 3S or Tekken DR.

Well, I hope there will be time for teams.


Im sure there will be times we just got to get enough stations and im sure we will have time. Im also going to try and start the team tournaments while the last singles tournament is going on. Smash will start first, Im going to try and run all the team tournaments at the same time.



Ill ask for the day off when i get back to work. See u cats there! Pozer u better be fkn going!


Im in for 3s

no team mate tough :frowning:


It’s official! Promo —> http://i16.photobucket.com/BAB2007

I was curious Jim. If time permits, will 3S team tourny be 2 or 3 man teams? Same question in regards to DR as well.

Jive Out!





This tourney is going to be awesome


sees promo
-.- Lucky it looks like dylon

So what’s up Jim-bo, Smash people bring all thier own setups or what?
So we can make a list and all that good stuff of guarenteed things being brought etc.


Ill post over in the smash threads in a bit on what im asking.

Jive: That is the best picture ever. All team tournaments are 2on2. As of right now there is no T5DR team tournament.



Just one question
what do you mean by “if time permits” team tourney

do you have the place for some kind of limited time or something?

still looking for a team mate for 3s

Jive, Beef, DJ, Luiz, Hamm, Burgers etc etc? anyone lol


Awesome, I am getting HYPE already. You guys contact me if you need me for anything.


Fuirx: Look in harlingen thread for things needed.



Large chance I’m going.
I asked for the day off around the time they were thinking about hosting it (which was like what, last week? haha).

Fuckin’ get this shit hyped!!
I asked some corpus peeps to see if they can show up. We will see what happens…


We need a team tourny for T5DR too. T5DR should be the first tourny finished. Just put it up in your original post as “if time permits” as well.

I’ll team with you.

Jive Out!


Hey, how about Hokuto No Ken? We can make it a 5 dollar entry since it’s a new game. I know some people that want a HnK tourny.



Allright everything set
hope to see you guys there

BTW noone answered my question

what do you mean by “if time permits” team tourney

do you have the place for some kind of limited time or something?