Battle at the Border 2007 Results and Shoutouts

This tournament had a way better turn out then I could of ever expected, the hype for this tournament down here got big QUICK and word spread fast. Im amazed at how many people atteneded. I cant believe I ran out of chairs I had 50+ chairs and they all ran out fast. The tourny ran pretty good seeing as it had a rocky start and a lot of last minute planning.

Marvel vs. Capcom 2
1st Julio Hernandez “HAMM” - Mag/IronMan/Sent
2nd Fernando Garcia “Furbtron of God” - Mag/Storm/Sent
3rd Aaron Longoria “Noa” - Sent/Storm/Commando

Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike
1st Jose Gonzalez “J.D” - Yun
2nd James Brenner “JIVE TURKEY JONES” - Urien
3rd Abid Vega “Nican” - Makato

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection
1st Chris Villarreal “Crow” - Feng, Steve
2nd Vernon Kirkendoll “NeoX” - Nina
3rd James Brenner “JIVE TURKEY JONES” - Bryan, Roger Jr.

Super Street Fighter 2 :Turbo
1st Chris Villarreal “Crow” - (Grand Finals - Zangief)(Winners Finals - Ryu, Vega)
2nd James Garcia “DEMON_JIM” - Boxer, O Sagat
3rd Rolando Contreras - Boxer

Guilty Gear XX: Slash
1st John Ramirez “Pozerwolf” - Ky, Holy Order Sol
2nd Erick De La Garza “Furix” - ABA, Sol
3rd Daniel Sendejas “Shizuma_15” - Baiken

Super Smash Bros: Melee
1st Adrian Sanchez “Caveman” - (Marth, Sheik, Fox, Samus)
2nd Robert Adalpe “Rob$” - (Salco, Sheik, Marth)
3rd Kevin Rodriguez “Kev$” - (Fox, Falco, Captain Falcon)

Super Smash Bros: Melee Team 2 on 2
1st Team Rape - Adrian Sanchez “Caveman” & Robert Adalpe “Rob$” (Sheik/Marth)
2nd Paxel - Frank Espinoza “Pax” & Frank Coronado “Axel” (Fox/Marth)
3rd Doom-Rod!(?) - Kevin Rodriguez “Kev$” & George Gamez “Doom” (Fox/Falco)

Again wow this tournament was fun. Lots of people showed up to support the scene. I wish I had a more advance notice to run this tournament but feel this tournament went rather well seeing as what I had to work with. I got lots of thanks and when is the next one, which made me feel good that my hard work seemed to make people happy. Hopefully I will be able to do this again next year bigger and better. No cramped spaces, more setups, more people, more excitement, and hopefully things will start on time better lol. I hope if anything you all walked away having had fun and a good time. This is the first time something of this size for fighting games has been done down here and im glad to see that there was a strong support for it. This tournament could not of happened with out everybody who showed up and those who helped out. This tournament was a tournament for players by players and hope you all will help to support the game scene down here in the future. Hopefully see you all in the future and hopefully this tournament will continue to grow bigger then it already it.

To everyone who came from out of town thank you very much for showing up and helping us support our scene. Many thanks from me and the others players down here to you for showing up.

To those who brought stuff to help out the tournament thank you very much tournament could not of been as successfull as it was without the help of the players themselves.

Crow: Thanks for showing up man. I wasn’t sure if you were coming or not but Im glad you made it. Sorry for Tekken taking forever to start. Hope you had a safe trip home. And a big thanks in helping support our scene.

NeoX: Nice meeting you man. Thanks for showing up with Crow and helping support our scene. Hope to play you in Tekken since I didnt get a chance to during the tourny.

Pozerwolf: Thanks for showing up and helping with a tv and casual fun. I wish I wasnt as busy as I was so that I could of gotten a chance to try out Melty Blood and Fist of the North Star it looked really interesting. I hope you got home safely.

The Crystal City smash peeps:
Thanks for showing up to our tournament. Im sure it was a long drive. Good job at taking 1st and 2nd in singles and 1st in team.

Mando: Thanks for helping me run the brackets toward the end I was starting to get swamped with 2 tournaments running at the same time while playing in both. Thanks for help with the flyer and driving around with me finding stuff and the venue.

Luiz: Thanks for giving me a place to crash the night before so I didnt have to be driving back and forth. And dont forget to hook me up with your sister lol.

J.D: Thanks for helping me and Jive setup the night before. Your Yun is just to BEASTLY.

Jive: Thanks for all the help with equipment and moving stuff. I would of had a very tough time doing all that myself.

Beef: Thanks for being forced to play almost every single game:rofl:

Mexico players: You all got some serious skill in 3S. You guys are very good. Thanks for coming and I hope to play you guys in the future in 3S.

To all the players that showed up.
Thank you so much for coming. I had no idea we had as big of a scene down here that we did. Definately lots of hidden talent in the bunch. Hopefully I will have another tournament for you all to play in. Till then I hope you all had fun and come again in the future.


Pozerwolf: Ky, Holy Order Sol
Furix: ABA, Sol
Burgers: Baiken

This tournament was Badass
I was about to get a heart atack like 4 times
Thanks to Demon Jim for putting everything in order

Im really looking forward for the next one

oh BTW, Jive, when will the videos be up?

The tournament was, nice job hosting it man.

Also, did anyone get live feed on the final match with J.D vs Jive? That shit had me laughing :lol:

lol yea the audio for that was the best good tourney hope to do it agin soon

Why :frowning:

I didnt hear much lol, I was just too full of concentration lol

Super Street Fighter 2 :Turbo
1st Chris Villarreal “Crow” - (Grand Finals - Zangief)(Winners Finals - Ryu, Vega)
2nd James Garcia “DEMON_JIM” - Boxer, O Sagat
3rd Rolando Contreras - Boxer, N Sagat

i didn’t play N Sagat, Boxer all the way!! :rock:
this tournament was lots of fun, i really want to go again, nice matches Jim, great work on running this tournament hope to have another one, until then ill be training more…

Didnt you pick Sagat after I picked O Sagat and then beat Balrog. You said I did the code weird when I picked O Sagat and the proceeded to pick Sagat for I think the last match.

I just realized that I also played you in 3S. You took me out of 3S lol you got your revenge on me from ST.


It just made me laugh that no one could really get the “Aye” part going whenever you did Yun’s Gen combos. But they were able to call out “Bullshit” on the last combo for each hit in one attempt :lol:

naah i think it was a guy with glasses that said that about sagat.

haha and yes i played you in 3s, no hard feelings. :looney: good matches

Oh ok cool fixed the typo.


Pozer: Really? Im so hated :frowning:

anyway, Jim any word on the videos?

at least by me yes jaja, nah i dont even hate Yun… i hate genei jin…

BTW great direction = great tournament… good job DJ.

P.D. i hate aegis r. too :frowning:

FIRST: I am very pleased with the turnout. Honestly, when Demon Jim took over the tournament, I still didn’t think he would pull it off. The people before him accomplished nothing over the course of several months. (No hard feelings, but you guys know you are, and what I’m saying is the truth) Jim just took over with 3 weeks to go. Those first two days he took over, he accomplished a lot. I still thought throwing in my support would be a waste of time, since the scene here is non-supportive. Plus, it was still short notice. However… Mexico, the Valley, and Houston really came through and made this tournament a great one. If we keep this up, we will have a huge scene down here soon enough.

SMASH PLAYERS: Thanks for your support by attending, as well as bringing TV’s. In many areas, Smash players seem to be isolated from Namco/Capcom player tournies. I think this tourny showed we can come together for the greater good.

DEMON JIM: Thanks for running a great tourny. Good call on the McD’s!

CROW & NEOX: Thanks for coming down and supporting our tourny. We’ve made many trips to Houston. It’s really cool to see somebody return the favor. Good games. Congrats to you both.

J.D, Nican, Joe, Ratdash: Big thanks to you guys for adding some awesome comp to the 3S pool. J.D, you took me out like always. lol Nican, your Makoto has me in the panic mode during most of the matchup. I seemed like I couldn’t get away from her once she got her hands on Urien. Joe, very solid Urien as always. Much respect. Ratdash was very solid as well.

Mark & Paco: Thanks for bringing the PS2 and DR. I look forward to some DR gatherings in the near future.

To everybody else, thanks for coming out. I don’t have time list everybody obviously. Met a lot of people and can put faces to names now. Great tourny overall. I am definitely interested in doing this again sometime.

Jive Out!

Are you gonna upload videos any time soon?

lol yes. I’m going to need somebody to rip them and then put them up on youtube I assume. My monitor on my cpu is busted. So I need somebody else to do it.

Does anybody in the Harlingen area mind ripping the 3S tourny footage from my DVD and uploading it to YouTube?

Next tourny, I’m going to leave somebody soley in charge of recording. (somebody who is only entered in that game, and that game only for example.) It was hard for me to run around and help run stuff, while trying to record stuff as well. I didn’t get nearly as much footage as I liked.

Jive Out!

i can do it

I am also intreasted in having another one. You all wanna do monthlys?

I am in for monthlys. I’ll also help out with whatever I can, again.

Monkeyspank: It was great playing you! you have a pretty good faust. Faust’s range is scary D:!

Shizuma: Your baiken scared teh shit out of me! I couldn’t do pressure on you because I was fearing getting hit by Baiken’s counters! That means a knockdown >.<! Great Baiken, you had me on my toes and even beat me the first matches we had!!

Julian: Great Johny, your combos were devastating! I am impressed at how good you are with Johnny combos, he’s always been hard to use.

Shout outs to the other players that attended Guilty Gear, you guys did great too! Thank you big beef for entering Guilty Gear even though I did give you 5 bucks to enter. XD… but then you didn’t have lunch money! I am sorry man! But thanks to you we could run the Guilty Gear tournament.

Also thanks to… sorry I forgot your name, but the guy that entered Guilty Gear knowing we needed one more player, if you see this please post here so we know who you are!

EDIT: More shout outs

Crow: Thanks for giving me some Melty Blood competition! Your nero amazed me as I hadn’t played any good Melty Blood players in the valley, my Arcueid was so rusty that now I feel like going back to training mode. It was great having casuals with you.

PozerWolf: Hokuto No Ken rocks! \o/

Well, it was nice meeting everyone.

Luiz (we didn’t talk to much), Beef, Jive, J.D, Crow, that one guy who hit me and made me cry, Furix, and monkey spank.
Yeah I suck at 3S, so what! :wasted:
Oh and, Nican’s Makoto was crazy.

Except for Demon Jim, I thought you were black so I got all disappointed when I saw you :crybaby:
Nah I’m kidding man, your cool.

Tho, I read somewhere that your thinking of hosting another one next year?
Think its possible to host another sometime this year… like maybe mid July or something? =D