Battle at the U - postponed for 3rd quarter 2010 *Personal matters*

Sry guys. I forgot to update this.

Got a family wedding this weekend.

Will post another event next month.


Im There

there is only 2 words to describe this


D’Nyc3 check pm’s please.


Gonna make a few changes later tonight.

Nothing major though.

Also trying to see if I can get some funds for bonus cash.

this looks cool…

I’m gonna try my best to come out to this. I gotta get out of semi-retirement mode

Issac: two words:

South Beach!

hmm i might just end up going to this.gota see my mom anyways. where in miami exactly is this? close to aventura dade county etc…?

Its next to UM. Hence called Battle at the U

gota see where that is lol. havent been to mia in a good min

$20 dollars + tourney fee to sit in on the floor at a lan center with a bunch of people?

We need to do it big and start doing tourneys in hotels and shit.

This place won’t comfortably fit 30+ people

edit: dunno why you forgot to mention this is in SUNSET PLACE MALL for people that have no idea where this is lol

Don’t worry bout the setup. It will be an indoor/outdoor event most likely :lol: