Battle by the Gazebo 7: Climbing the stairs! 8/23 Chinatown NYC

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3pm start(Signups will likely be cut by 3:30 at the latest)
Sameish location: The gazebo is being reserved by Zar from 3-8, so hopefully we can run it there. Some details are still unconfirmed.
If you need travel information everything should be in the bbg6 thread here

$5 entree fee – $25 removed for venue fees, rest as prize.
Double elimination.
Single game matches.
Possible second/third place prizes depending on turnout.
BYOC - Controller must be usable without installation of programs/drivers and can’t control your opponent.
Coin-flip for side, loser picks stage(or winner may pick stage and tell loser to pick side).
If no flip the stage must be agreed on by both players or random.
Double-blind character selection on request.
Bracket will be set to separate players by region.

If someone can provide a second setup I’ll cover your entree fee. Setup must have correct aspect ratio, 2 usb ports, and no slowdown. A third may be used if turnout is large enough. Excess setups may be brought for casuals, but won’t get free entree.
Players may not demand a setup to use if there is more than one available. If you have concerns about a setup being playable for tournament matches tell me asap and I will test it personally along with input from other players.

Please keep the profanity to a minimum(which is none), and the area clean.

Quote from: ZARtacus! on August 18, 2008, 01:06:27 PM
Remember you MUST keep the area clean (says so on the permit) and try to keep profanities downnn (out of respect to the proprietors who loaned us the area). Also, there may actually be some columnists/journalists present- be ready to REPRESENT USMB and the fighting gaming culture (think of some possible q&a’s so you dont look stupid lol but hey, thats on you.)

Expect me to be at CF by 1pm and we can try to set up some casuals before parting to the HYPE MACHINES. At about 2:30pm well will break out and head to the park (by the vendors) to discuss rules and collect venue and tournament entry fees. (Since i chose not to state that fees will be collected when I applied for the reservation we will have to keep this on the low :x ).

and update

Quote from: ZARtacus! on Yesterday at 07:57:19 PM
22:51] <ztbubz> so i guess i’ll be at cf at about 12pm
[22:51] <ztbubz> then at the park vendors from 1-2:30 [1pm-2:30pm]
[22:52] <ztbubz> dont want to risk setting up in cf cus sam may be there
[22:52] <ztbubz> since they got a new game and all

I may just jump back and forth from CF to Columbus Park to pick ppl up and escort them.

**Will be there, because I now have bracket software so Zar and the crew won’t have to resort to b/s paper…Otherwise, as long as they have people there, I’ll join just for the Fruck of it.

will register for Melty Bread ASAP…Right after I finish my Akatsuki combo training…


We already use tournament maker 2.1.

I’ll be there

Get hype fucks, biggest and best one yet~

…just about that time

Heres a map (if it doesnt expire),+67+Mulberry+St,+New+York,+New+York,+New+York,+United+States&jsv=124&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=37.871902,79.101563&ie=UTF8&cd=1&geocode=0,40.715800,-73.999390&latlng=40715820,-73999386,17851420294280422500&ei=-t2pSJL0NJjcqALFx-TSDQ
(Rayza, add this to first post plz)

THIS EVENT WILL BE LOCATED IN THE GAZEBO. Players/entries will meet up at Chinatown fair then later by the SNAPPLE VENDING MACHINES at COLUMBUS PARK. The Gazebo can be (easily) be found at the norther-most tip of the park (mulberry and bayard streets).

Melty Blood entry will be $5 for entry (double elim, 2/3 games, 3/5 games winners, losers, grand finals 10/20/70 for pot [pending])

Akatsuki Blitzkampf will be $2 (TWOO) for entry (double elim, 1 game, winner take all[pending])

5 MOAR DAYZZ!! Stay hungry y’all!!

Damn we got gazebos and shit now??

We doing it big on ec!

zaelar your brackets are rigged i swear!! lol

Awwwwwww yeaaaaaaaaah.


This tourney, is about, to explode!

This event is going to VIRAL!! Gonna try and get Chibi to post his flyer in the thread (…its kinda serious).


Try to keep up w/ the updates since you hold the first post- Zaelar posted recently on melbread.


i don’t have a control do you think someone will let me use their own if i enter both games?
sorry and thanks

I’ll be around to hang out.

First post updated

Here’s date flier~!

We can’t really say until you get there, gotta feel out the person to make sure they don’t ruin the equipment playing. Know what I mean?

Was fun seeing everyone again. Suck that is costs me about $50 a pop to chill in the city, but hey, I saw and played some SF4, so it’s all good. Maybe I’ll learn one of these Melty Heart games and play with you guys.

Hal, I’m dissapointed you weren’t there. =/