*Battle By The Gazebo XI* (MBAA Special Event) - NYC, NY - 09/12/09

…same place

…new game

…more hype

…more hunger



Melty Blood Actress Again for the PlayStation 2 is just mere weeks away from it’s highly anticipated release within the MB communities. Since before MB’s first PS2 release, ECMB has organized some of the most hype underground events: from 15 heads crammed in a basement to 30+ ransacking a city park. The dedication, support and determination is what has kept this quaint scene active and strong through two major revisions. With the 3rd revision on the way, the time has come for MB players to step away from their MBCaster and step into a new realm of MB hype. That realm is know as…


(yeah, I know my not-so-epic OP needs some work :rofl:)

Battle By the Gazebo 11

Title: Melty Blood Actress Again (PS2)

Saturday, September 12th [9/12/9] OFFICIAL

Location:** Columbus Park’s Venue aka THE GAZEBO (Mulberry & Bayard Streets)

Trains: N,Q,R,W or
J,M,Z or
to **Canal Street


to Grand Street

Sign-ups: 2-3pm @ The Gazebo

Start Time: 3pm start (THREE O’CLOCK PRIME MERIDIAN). If you show up after the brackets have been set I suggest you buy a nice frosty beverage and enjoy watching the event.


Pot: 70/20/10 split

Tournament Format
Double Elimination

Default game settings (99sec, 2point match)

Best of Three (2/3 Matches)

Grand Finals (only): Best of Five (3/5 Matches)


Possible 2v2 or 3v3 Random Teams if extra time after SINGLES

ENTRY FEE: $1 Per team member


Tournament Format
Character Lock
Single elimination
One game

Waseda (sp?) Style

Team A vs Team B
A1 vs B1
A2 vs B2
If both teams win one match (but their teammate loses one) then those two winners will face off in the 3rd and final match.
A1 vs B1 = A1 wins
A2 vs B2 = B2 wins
A1 vs B2

Pokeymanz Style

Captains should be determined upon assignment.

  • Captains report starting teammate to a judge. Judge announces opponents for first match to both teams after.
  • Winner stays on to face next opponent
  • Losing team decides next teammate (that has not already played) to continue the set.
  • Coin Flip for Player side upon request. Winning team of the toss must keep the side they request for the entire set.

Game Rules & Stipulations

  • Bring your own controller!!!

-Game will be played on VERSUS MODE with default damage settings and timer (handicap and quickmatch will be turned OFF) For you fags that want to run your gimmick characters

  • Gameplay balance will be set to PS2 Balance (Original).

  • Player Side (optional) : RPS/Coin Toss to determine player side. If a decision can’t be made, Judge will bitch-slap both players and force a coin-flip for player side (using an american quarter or chinatown fair token most likely).

-Player1 gets the option of Stage Select- no questions. If you want to choose stage then flip/rps for P1 side otherwise just select Random to save time.

  • Winner must stay with character/Loser is allowed to switch characters.

  • Winner is allowed to switch Moon Style (Crescent,Half,Full).

-No game freezing, invincibility, gamebreaking glitches/bugs allowed I actually found some gamebreaking shit for NAC so I felt this had to be mentioned. Ryougi LA isn’t considered game breaking (as of yet) and is allowed.

-TYPE EARTH ARC IS BANNED Do you even have to ask why? All consoles will have non-hacked version of MBAA but just in case: All Eclipse characters are banned too. Basically, any character that’s not already on the select screen (with the exception of TypeEarth) can not be chosen.

  • Pausing during matches is not allowed (duh). In the event of an accidental pause, conclusion of the match will be decided by Judge(s).

  • Button Configuration is to be set before the start of the (official) match. Use training/versus to test buttons, etc. and restart. Best bet is to choose characters to start the match, pause and configure buttons then return to character select screen via pause menu. It won’t take up that much time.

-Blind-pick/Double Blind-pick upon request (notify Judge). If either player requests a blind-pick then their opponent has no choice but to oblige. Players must choose both character AND moon style before revealing their choice to the opposing side.

  • Auto-fire not allowed

  • Macros NOT ALLOWED. You have an E Button that gives access to THREE shortcuts. If you see anyone mapping A+B/A+B+C/A+D buttons or whatever, let me know and I’ll shut their shit down promptly.

  • Don’t be a queer; shake hands after the match. Man-hugs are optional.

If you’re hardcore about MB then you wont want to miss out on this! Pre-order your copy of Melty Blood Actress Again today and stay ahead of the game. We’ll be waiting for you by the gazebo and until then…keep fasting.

Pre-order MBAA

Im hyped about thise finally a mb tourn!!!

**I’ll come by to support the community by creating the brackets and help organize it properly like last time.

I do hope we continue the scheduling of at least one MBAA event a month. That way we can ensure the continuation of where we left off from last time.

Hope to see you all there


Somebody buy me a Snapple.

Like I said on MBread I’ll go AWOL if I have to in order to make this.

Fuck shaking hands, Zar.

Tv and System Status

Yeah, MBAC pretty much developed terminal cancer after it’s epic farewell at NEC9. I was personally done after EVO when AAver1 was just around the corner. But now that we’re getting some type revision that everyone will have access to we can throw some kerosene on the scene and comeback fired up! (or some shit). At NECX we drop bombs cus dis shit is gonna blow up! :wow:

Yeah, shaking hands is outdated. We need to all come up with secret hand shakes and exchange friendship rings after gg’s :party:…So full of win! Thanks DS, you’re a supastah!

Ok, so both tv’s are in working condition but I cant access the input channels (for A/V) on one of them lol. The channels cant be accessed manually so I’ll have to see if I can get something going on with a universal remote.

PS2’s are fine and in working condition.

A 3rd and/or 4th TV may be needed to help the event run a bit faster. If anyone would like to donate a TV for the day, please post so we can try and figure out in advance how the set will be transported (if necessary).

OMG why am I coming back to this damnit.

Because the snapple machines are too hyyyyyyyyyyyyyype.

Wait… are we getting a real Gazebo this time around?

^yeah…what you said lol

as for “why am I coming back to this”: you need to hit up those [media=youtube]a7EIVUFmseQ"[/media] and find out what sion has been learning while you were away.

MBAA is truly on some next level of bananas shit…whatever the fuck that means. (see, i dont even have to make sense cus the gameplay now is that insane.). I suggest you bring reinforced metallic cast to wear over your skull at the next BBG…to prevent your head from exploding!

6 j.[C]'s in one combo?
Bullets into combos!?!


The craziness known as MBAA that’s what happening.



…he’s already dead.

(dun nunn nunnn)

Head Explosion from Sion BnB

FATAL KO!!! dun dun…

yeah C.Sion’s j. [c] combos are godly!!!

ill be there to deliver the shoulder charges!! and H-Tohno my way to victory…

yo im there yo!!!

If you haven’t known by now, the current record for most j.C’s in a standard Sion combo is 9. WHO’S GOING FOR 11?

This sounds cool, too bad I’m not EC :<


Added a bit of info to OP in the orginal meltybread thread. Edits will be made to SRK thread soon. Thank you for your patience.


i have a PS2 and 2 25 or so inch TV’s i can bring but i’d need help obv, so like
either a ride or someone to come to my house and help me lug that shit would be
just godlike.

Since when do you play MB, Xaq?

I bet you play Miyako, don’t you :stuck_out_tongue: