Battle By The Rio

Aite so this is the damn deal.Theres going to be an mvc2 tourney down here in south texas.Unfourtunetly tho the tourney will be on console, here is the info.

Location:3881 Old Hwy 77 Brownsville,Texas
Game: Marvel vs Capcom 2
Date: April 7th 2007
Time- Signups start at 4
Prize-1st 70%
2nd 20%
3rd 10% of the pot
Rules: (you all should know em by now)
Price: 20 bux entry fee,10 bux for team tourney
Double Elemination for both team and regular tournaments.

 Also there is going to be casuals for xmen vs sf on cabinet.We are hoping for alot of people @ this tourney. If you have any questions call luiz @ : 956-465-6455 Or you can call me @ 956-364-1973 (ask for jon).

ahhh finally something thats gonna look offical :rofl:

yo bear you should prolly put the date in the thread title too :looney:

:rofl: yeah i should of oh well cant change it now =.

So far we have about 40 or so people. Hope more people show =).

i believe you have few san antonio people showing up as well

Sweet :lovin: .

sorry no sa peoples. we hate console

Well now the tourney is pushed back a lil due to some unexpected things. So around early april. Ill keep you all informed.

$20 entry feeā€¦?

And no Guilty Gear? :confused: