Battle Capacity (a fighting game by me)

EDIT: Jan 2013

Hey everyone. I was motivated by some friends to release a new version of Battle Capacity, which I’m glad to have finished for the arrival of the new year.

The site has been updated with all the info, including a new writeup for Tomohawk in the character section.

You can also view the changelog here:

New, gonna work forever, no need to register, download link

There haven’t been any major additions, as this was more of a patch to clear up some longstanding issues and bugs. You’ll notice a few changes here and there in frame and hitbox data, resulting from a year in discovering what I like and do not like, but the goal wasn’t to tamper with the balance so much (though there were a few changes in that vein as well).

So let me know what you think, and maybe drop by the chatroom sometime. Surprisingly, I’ve spotted a few people in there occasionally including newcomers looking to be schooled.
Some match vids
Combo videos


Sounds interesting…I’ll download but I can’t play it right now

I can’t say anything really
It’s good to see an actual project here not: “I want to make a game like this” thread.
Played around a bit, but can’t say anything on balance of course. I will ask was cyclohm meant to be able to juggle like it can?

I haven’t played it, but just looking at the videos…

My major complaint is that the hits do not seem solid. When you hit someone it’s like…ok, whatever. There is no sense of urgency and the hit-stun is not clear enough to see. Maybe the hit-stun animations are too close to the normal standing animations.

Spooty, the Youtube videos aren’t the greatest quality, the animation runs smoother than what i was able to capture with Hypercam.
Your comments really hit the nail on the head, though. The hits do sort of lack that certain ‘crunchiness’ that registers with other fighting games. I’ve taken it to heart and am reanimating many of the ‘hit’ animations and I’ll see what i can do about extending the slight game freeze that occurs during some of the meatier strikes.

I’ve started a series of ‘combo videos’ for the game on the Youtube channel.

If anyone has any other comments, or would like to play some matches, the chatroom is pretty robust at this time of day. This is a project I’d really like to improve upon over time and your feedback would go a long way.

Also, yes, Cyclohm was intended to be able to juggle the way it does. There shouldn’t be any infinites, but I haven’t tested every possible combination. Do you feel the juggles are too damaging compared to the difficulty of setting them up?

You know what could really help? A hits counter…combo counter…whatever you call it.

It does have a counter. It just follows wherever the hit is, and small. Just make it bigger and put it in the side.

Nerf cyclohm.

Well, he can juggle for over half with little meter, but he can only do it off of b+S or the Tornado.

b+S, qcb+B, j.C, land, qcb+C, j.C, land, Skill, dd+C, j.C, land, Skill, dd+C, j.C

Pyro seems a little weak for his slowness. His super can be used to full screen punish, but it is hard to combo. You can use c.A, c.B, charge back~forward C, B, C. For a little over 1/4 damage.

Blocking low seems to beat almost every character. At least it seems this way. It really depends on how good throws are…which I can’t tell without playing someone.

The Cat does more damage than Pyro and he has an 2 overheads. d/f+S, c.b, c.b, c.b, a, b, charge back~forward C. OR. j.d+M, c.a, c.b, c.b, c.b, a, b, charge back~forward C.

Thanks for the feedback, Spooty.
Since this version of the game was released a few days ago, it has become quite clear how dominating Cyclohm is (even with out the weird static > d+m glitch).
I’m wondering if the way to handle this is merely a damage decrease across all his juggle enabling moves or if there’s a way to handle it more tactfully, like making the juggle harder to land, and putting a great emphasis on the character’s spacing skills, or simply limiting the time he can keep you in the air.

Generally, people seem underwhelmed by Pyroak’s damage output, but I’ve been able to use him successfully so far and the only term I could use to describe, I guess, is ‘solid’.

As far as blocking low, grabs tend to be pretty good in this game from what I’ve seen. You can tech them, but the window is pretty small. I’ve yet to see a human vs human match where turtling is a predominantly effective strategy. Would you say that most of the cast have underwhelming overheads?

Speaking of Kit (the cat), a fellow and I were experimenting with some Will o Wisp wake up tricks and it was really promising, especially in the corner. A character can try to backdash out of the wisp, but it can be anticipated and punished most of the time. If they try to just block the wisp, they’re an easy target for a quick sweep, or a walk up grab. If you grab them particularly early, they will take the damage from the throw, hit the wisp be set up for a follow up attack like iron head. Also promising were Somersault’s neat cross up abilities in the corner.

If you’d ever want to join us on the server, we have some pretty decent to good players.

I think the best way to balance Cyclohm is to lower the damage on the Tri-Attack (and Tornado maybe). Also, make it so you can only use 1 Tornado per combo. That should do just fine, because you can only start the juggle off of Tornado and b+S (or anti-airs?).

Really,some characters have great overheads. But there are some that have close to nothing:

Pyroak: Has Woodhammer, but it is near useless because of the charge command. Think about changing the command for Woodhammer to d,b+attack.

Stratagem: His leaping attacks are slow compared to other characters overhead. He does have instant jumping B, but I’m worried that some characters might be able to hit Stratagem before he lands.

Cyclohm: Overhead is super so it can only be used when the meter is full. Also has instant jumping A, but spends more time in the air than Stratagem.

Arghonaut: Only has the follow-up to mach-punch. It is slow enough that you can just block-low after mach-punch and then switch to high block when you see the overhead start-up.

Revenankh: Doesn’t really matter because he is a grab character.

I’ve only been able to get consecutive tornadoes in a single juggle in the corner, but I suppose even that is a bit much. Tri Attack nerf is a good idea as that’s where the bulk of the damage comes from.

Colossoil actually has an overhead in his standing close C, the bite. Considering it leads to his most powerful combos I’d say blocking high or low is dangerous as long as you’re close to him. It’s to the point actually where I’m thinking of making that attack just not cancel into anything.

Arghonaut’s generally regarded as kind of gimped. Perhaps a command overhead would help his game somewhat?

edit: also, all down charge motions can be executed using down back charge as well. so pyroak can initiate woodhammer from a defensive position.

I recognized Syclant off a video and was like: :amazed:

You can get two Tornadoes mid-screen if you pause a moment before you j.C after the first Tornado finishes.

I did not realize that close C was an overhead.

I feel that a decent command overhead would make a world of difference.

Defense is not the problem, it is the charge time. Regardless of how short the charge time is, it makes it so that Pyroak must be charging down before an overhead (which is a limitation that no other character has). Changing the motion to d,b+attack is more of a way to level the playing field (and make Pyroak a slight bit better).

I found that Arghonaut can do chain combos like (5C>5B>5A>5B>5A>2B \ 5C>5B>5A>5B>5A>4C>26A>5A)… AND ITS AWESOME.
Also Revenankh (if he could land a JC) has >55% combo (JC>5C>4B>4B>9…airthow).

UPD: Fidgit super don’t connects properly on some opponents.

Yeah, the Fidgit super sometimes whiffing the last hits problem has been noted and corrected. Thanks for the input.

I’ve only just recently accessed better recording capabilities. Put it to use on this exploratory combo video [media=youtube]uL-mcJn2jLI"[/media].

While some of these combos are really difficult to execute in an actual match, the ones that are less so have me but a bit concerned. I’d like to reward skill, but the damage you can get from a simple jump in in some cases is just ridiculous. Some of the cancels present in the video, I’ve already taken out (like soil close C into eq) and thinking about what, if anything, should be done about the others.
Also, the training sack’s health is just below average.

“How characters react on^W^Wto 2AxN/2BxN chains” tier list.
GOD tier:
+Collosoil - he seem just do not react on 2AxN chains.
+Stratagem - he is too small so 2AxN/2BxN chains can contain 2 hits at max
.Arghonaut - he pushed by any hit much further than other characters.
MID tier:
+Skulloton - his boot gives him “ability” to absorb more 2A hits
-Vitalimar - his hand gives him “ability” to absorb much more 2A hits
-Cyclohm - His hitbox gives him “ability” to absorb insane ammount of 2A\2B hits
INSANE tier:
It seems that their hitstun time is longer than usual so some attack that
doesn’t connect on other characters connects on him. Also REV has large hitbox.


Thank you SO much, Araragi-Kun for finding these chain vulnerabilities. I’ll set to work immediately to correct them. As for the WTF videos, the Cyclohm problem is noted and will be corrected, and thanks again for demonstrating the problems with the crouching links.

That’s really cool you developed this little game. I find it quite fun. I think it would be good as an ipod touch app. i’d buy it.

repost of OP edit:


So Battle Capacity v04 is out!
You can download it directly from here.

I’ve taken a lot of your comments into account and since the release of V03, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some seriously talented testers. The game should be a lot more balanced now and bug free (feel free to rub it in my face if i’m wrong). The infinites are gone and we have a new character with some new stages and great original music.

Also, please check out the character section on the website for some great in-depth info courtesy of TGM.

I hope to see you in the chatroom. We’ve got some really strong players these days and it’d be great to see more competition.