Battle Card System


Hey I just found out that somebody made a programm similar to the Japanese Arcade Battlecard System sadly the site is offline and I cant seem to find a working link. Can anybody upload the programm or does someone know any alternatives? Me and some friends are starting to play alot more and it would be nice to have a convenient tool to keep track of all games, character selects etc. I already asked for this in the Vanilla Forums but nobody seems to visit them anymore and nobody answered on the official thread.
Any help is much appreciated.


What!? An… American battle card… system … blasphemy…
Knowing us it wouldn’t be viable after the first 6 months cause there would be so many stat cheaters/boosters.
It would probably work well in Europe, but not here. Other places are just on a different mindset while the U.S just corrupts everything. Lol
Tried but site is down for good probably.


Speaking of the arcade rankings, I wish they’d port that rank system over to the console versions. It seems a lot more interesting than the system in place now (I’m a sucker for big numbers).


Yeah probably true but I would like to use it for offline purposes only. We are quite a few people playing semi-regularly and some sort of tool to keep track of every player, their stats and character choices would be nice. Hopefully somebody still has a working version of the programm somewhere on their pc.