Battle Card System


There will be no ability to remove players.
I probably should have planned it a little better during production but its too far along to remove players now.

Currently you cant remove them because when you submit a match, the players are tied to that match.
Removing a player will break that sort of bond and then the match wouldnt exist for either player.
Ahh sort of an example.

I register and lose to you 6 times.
I rage quit.
You wouldnt get anything for those matches because they would disappear.

If I ever find myself in a position to rewrite it I have a “active” / “inactive” so you can deactivate accounts and they wouldnt be displayed. Something I learned from this project…


Hmm, good point about not adding a way to remove players. Didn’t think about results being tied to players permanently.

How about being able to add spaces and/or other characters when adding peoples name in?


I’ll put this one on my To-do list!
Thanks :slight_smile:


Awesome program so far. I used this tonight at a local session, and people got really into it. Now they want more sessions just to rank themselves up! Thanks a bunch!

Another thing is maybe being able to change a name in the system?


Name changing wasn’t in the scope of my project because I thought it would become a little bit much of a choir.
I use this program in Melbourne at our biweekly arcade tournament which is growing steadily in entrants every so often, it’s hard enough to enter matches on the fly (for now anyway ;)) let alone deal with minor details like name changing.

When I get the chance to develop the program more I’ll try fit it in


Hi guys, an update.
Battle Card System 1.35

Just an update, I’ll put it in dot points to keep it short.

  • Change battle point calculation…

    • Random Bonus is now between 1 and 100 not 1 and 300
    • Base is now at 216 not 186 (to make up for the loss in bonus)
    • Losing no longer returns a point deduction, you now earn 1/8th of the winners return. So its usually < 100 points
      Reason: Unlike the Japanese system, this system will most definately be used less and have less users… so having people move backwards is definately not favourable. I’ve also found in testing at our tournaments that some of the newer players are getting ripped hard in points, they get a lucky win and eventually it’ll dwindle back down to the original value.
      Future thoughts: Currently its 1/8th may change to 1/10th
  • Keyboard shortcuts
    Global - ENTER: Proceed, ESCAPE: Close
    Main Screen:
    A - Add Player
    S - Submit Result
    P - Show Player
    R - Results

  • Setup Executable(!)

    • Now comes in an executable setup file for ease of use installation
    • If you overwrite your old files, it will confirm that you want to OVERWRITE your STATTRACK.FDB (where all your data is kept… save file)
    • You can decline and it will skip over it
    • Also it looks like the program has a higher production value now instead of a rar file :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Player Names

    • Can now include spaces (Thanks to Kitch907 for the input!)


Awesome! Thanks for the quick update! The players here in Alaska love using this system!

Keep up the good work!


Stats tracking for fighting games is the bastion of the points whoring scrub.

Interesting how it’s Daigo’s favorite aspect of ‘IV’ (*quote)… :coffee:


Are you implying that because I am the creator that I am a point whoring scrub?
Or that the Japanese players are point whoring scrubs because they have this service availible to them at the arcade?

It adds some extra statistics for those who are interested.
There is no definate leaderboard there is no purpose to “point whoring” and I created this with an arcade setting in mind…


This is awesome and I hope it takes off. I just wish I had people to use this with.


We are using this BCS and LOVE IT!!!

-would like all random points bonus to be done away with completely. players don’t like that part at all
-really want this for Tekken 6 desperately! our other system sucks and the players want this BCS!!!
-Can’t wait for the SSF4 version!


Hi guys,

Haven’t updated the thread in a long while.
Production on a Super Street Fighter IV edition of the program has begun.
You can expect new graphics and art inside the program from the talented GodlyEffect (did the art for the original) and BossLogic (that stick art omfg beast mode stuff). Hopefully we can work together to produce something that is more visually appealing than the current view.


Wow, this seems amazingly fun in concept and, hopefully soon, in full-blown out practice.


Can’t wait!!!


Hey Pyro,
You could get around the deleting players problem by adding an active/inactive tag to the player records, and perhaps telling search queries to exclude ‘inactive’ entries.


Any news of when the ssf4 update will be? I know ppl r gonna start having tournies day 1. I know we are! Thanks again for doing this for our community!!!


SSFIV update is on track and will be out very soon.

Haven’t made any major changes as yet.

  • Super characters added
  • Reworked the GUI


Hey guys, released version 1.40 which contains

  • New UI

  • Super Street Fighter IV content (!!)
    Which includes characters and art

  • Shortcut replacement
    Removed all shortcuts for newer ones
    Press alt and look for the underline beneath the button name
    alt-a = add player
    alt-r = results



Hey man u probably don’t hear this enough. THANK YOU


Hey I was wondering if there is a working link out there or if anyone could upload the programm as the site seems to be down.