Battle Damage Costumes

So apparently…

wicked awesome cool stuff.

I’m sure I’m not the only one that will say this, but female characters need battle damage costumes too:p

That is pretty sick.

Looks cool… I love the damage in MK9, and I’d like to see SF introduce this type of stuff.

so the extra hit after the KO was to “violent” but battledamage is fine?

What? That can’t possibly be the reason they took out the extra hit…

lol where the hell did you here that? pretty sure they took the last hit out because it was pissed people off.

I like the idea but wouldn’t want it to be like mortal kombat, that by the time match is over I hardly recognize my character.

I love the fact that my character often looks like he went through the meat grinder.

Sometimes i can still get the extra hit via a special that I did the motion for, and thus canceled into, before the death-move hit. It gives me a nice warm tingle inside.

Just yesterday I had the first hit of Gen’s TC2xxGekiro cause opponent death, but the TC2 finished and the Gekiro still came out for TWO hits off distinct moves after death.

Looked sweet too with the death slow-down revealing the extra animation you usually don’t see.

I kind of like that it’s super tough to get that post-KO hit

It seems like that was what was intended with seths alt 2 costume.
its nice to see there putting a little bit more time into them.

Didnt they remove the last hit cause of the way replays are recorded (through recording inputs?) so the last hit would fuck up the input for the next round or something. It probably stops recording right when the opponent dies.