Battle Data (license card)

Post up any of your license card info. Obivously this stuff changes every time you play but I thought itd be neat to compare.

Player points - 4127492
Play time - 97:01 offline, 288:01 online ( thanks to not working because of broken bones and occasional insomnia. Id be surprised if anyones gotten more time in )
8428 matches fought in player w 59 perfects and longest win streak of 58
689 ranked matches w longest win streak at 31

most used top 3:
Dante - 5417
Zero - 4183
Hsien Ko - 3614

By the way, has anyone gotten a draw yet ? Seems near impossible. Also, what constitutes a cheap win? I have about 200 out of all those matches played.

Cheap wins are most likely winning via chip damage.

I have a draw, but it was because the other person wasnt fighting back, i refuse to get an easy win.
Hell, im 0-16 right now on PSN, I don’t care if the other person was top of the boards, its just not fun fighting someone you doesn’t fight back.
Might as well be training =D

Anyway, my PP is 157197; time spent: almost 10 hours offline, and 3-4 online; 0 perfects and 0 winstreak
0 ranked matches, with a win streak of 0

My top 3 used:

Ironman {176}
MODOK {109}
Sentinel {101}

One thing I hope they add for UMvC3 is a thing that shows your ONLINE stats