Battle Database


I’m playing SSF4 for 1 month now, and i’m upset i don’t have many data about my character progression.

I’m thinking about a website project that make statistics and other stuff on my character…
Something like this :

Of course you have to enter your battle score on the website, a mobile version could be created.

What did you think, about this project ?


No one is interested to have this features ?

Because most people here only care about tournament results and not online BP.

I’m not sure how this will benefit longtime players.
Although SSFIV is not out that long which could still make it interesting.
Especially people with not a lot of experience could profit of this.

I play multiple fighting games and keeping track of these sounds like an interesting idea in that case.
For example Samurai ShodownVI, SFAIII, SFIII 3S, Melty Blood AA, Suggoi! Arcana Heart2, BlazBlue CT and SFIV.
But that would be a lot of work.

I’m talking about SSF4 because i’m playing it, but it could work for other games if they have online ranking points system :wink:

Hello !

I’ve finally create that website.

If someone is interested, you can go to (Skill & Statistics) and register :slight_smile:

For now you can :

  • Choose a SSF4 Character, to add data.
  • Add data on the website, or on the mobile version of the website (convenient when you want to add data on the fly).
  • Link a video on a battle.
  • View statistics : Battle ans Player Points evolutions. MatchUp scores, Most played day of the week …
  • View detailed battle log
  • Find and add friends to view theirs statistics and videos

Still in beta version, so please be indulgent with the look and feel, and possible errors.

Feedback will be greatly appreciated :slight_smile: