Battle Fantasia Casuals

Lookin’ for people to run some player matches with. Either PM me or add me on XBL. For those too last to look to the left my GT is Xx Desperado

was thinking of buying this game. wondering a few things. 1) is it good? and 2) how is the community. don’t wanna buy it if i gotta wait like 10 min just to find someone to play with

Hey, good idea starting this thread. This game is pretty cool, I just think it didn’t really get the attention it might have deserved as a result of SF4 coming out. I would say it’s definitely worth the money as you can get it from most gamestops for around $17. I try to play now and then to mess around with things, however, regarding your second question, finding matches online is a problem. If we could get more people into this thread, online comp might pick up a bit. People should also try bringing this game to local get togethers to try to promote it. It really is worth playing.

Do most people play this on 360, or PS3? I’d be down for giving this game a go just for something different. I’ve been playing Tekken to death. Not that it’s a bad thing, I just want a change of pace and it looks like they’re never going to release CvS2 on PSN/XBL with online play. NGBC is on the way, though. I’m hype for that, big time.

I have it on ps3 and don’t really know anyone to play so I never truly learned how to play it. The game seems fun to me and has an interesting concept with the heat system. I want to be inspired to actually play it… It’s definitely not shit but not sure if I would buy it now at this time for the people interested. People who got it the day it came out, or shortly after like me, are kinda sleeping on it due to lack of people to play who aren’t godlike status or can barely punch and kick tier. Same thing happened with Eye of Judgment, another awesome game.

if you want we can play i have it

For anyone interested, this game is quite fun. It deserves to have a much bigger following in my opinion.

I have such a hard time finding matches (Desperado, I added you…) We need to play soon :slight_smile:
I am up for some matches if anyone else wants to play. Send me a message to my GT

Seriously, Battle Fantasia is a good game. People don’t realize that because they haven’t heard of it and / or played it. I randomly played it online with a friend of mine the other day (after not playing it for like eight months) and I realized how much it reminded me of Street Fighter: 3rd Strike. I really can’t compare the game to anything else.

I’m on Xbox Live so you can guys add me up on there. Whenever you see me online and wanna play some matches, just toss me an invite. I’ll most-likely hop on unless I’m playing a game with another friend.

I’ll need to practice in it again though. I hadn’t touched the game in a while but it’s still fun and entertaining after countless tournaments / training / sessions in Street Fighter IV. It’s always nice to switch to a different fighting game for a change.

I really like Battle Fantasia. Better than SF4 to me at times also. Xbox Live is dead though. I’ll be checking again soon, so if you see me on, cool. I’ll need to practice my Marco again. =D

I’m also still looking for XBL matches If you spot me online all happily drop what i’m doing to play. :shy:

I know a lot of users on PS3 (Gamesharing) have it. I hope it goes done in price soon. Still haven’t gotten it, but I hear it’s somewhat unbalanced. Everyone says it has that arc flair though that makes it fun.

Actually it’s pretty much the most balanced game Arc has made.

I’m gonna try to get into this game before ssf4 comes out. I love it everytime I play but then I get into the ranked match menu and lose hope lol.

I’ll look out for you xbl guys. Go ahead and add me. If I’m playing something else just PM and I’ll pop it in. Really want to play the game against other people. (crossing my fingers that this game makes a comeback, it’s like $15 at every gamestop)

Also I recently read an interview with Ono (SF4 developer) who said that Battle Fantasia was the inspiration for sf4 (in particular the 3D on 2D plane). Thought that was kind of cool.

(evil laughs)

I, The Deity, will destroy ALL. (evil laughs)

BF netcode = very solid

FYI the netcode for this game seems pretty good from the few casuals I’ve played. Philly to Boston was flawless.

Also FYI I’m buffing the dustloop wiki with stuff from the threads here and there. If any of you has new info, especially on specific characters, consider posting up on the wiki. You don’t een have to register to make changes and it might be a good way to get some new players hooked.

Just search “dustloop wikia”

looking for people to play on psn

tag is faultydefense, feel free to add me and msg me for BF, odds are i’ll drop games to play this

I’ll play, send a friend request on xbl to finkledoodoo and put a messege on it saying battle fantasia so I know why. I play pirate but stopped when I couldn’t find matches anymore. I’m rusty as he’ll so forgive my first couple plays or days, I was pretty good last year but couldn’t find a tournament anywhere…

GG to Faultydefense.

GGs Infamous

Sry, can’t play for a while. Be back in June