Battle Fantasia for the PS3: Worth getting?

PS3 ver. should be out in a few weeks, for anyone who has tried it on the 360 or arcade, how is it gameplay wise? I haven’t followed much about it since its release, but I really liked some of the character designs.

I thought this has been out for a while on PS3, didn’t it actually come out for that system first?

Not with SF4…

You’re in Oman? Go snag a jap copy of the game at the videogame stores there. I bet it will be real cheap.

I have this game for 360 and I love it. I’d say it’s a must buy for PS3/fg fans.

yea i bought it way back when it first came out for ps3 since japanese games work on ps3 and id say its worth it

I have the 360 version. It’s a solid game and different from most. I feel like I’m playing a slower guilty Gear ( not worse). Unfortunately the only problem I have is that no one else has it. =(.

I’ll check, I have seen a copy of WE 2009 in a shop, but my chances with the JP ver. of this game may be slim, might try to ask my bro to order it from Japan.
For the 360 owners, is the English translation good? Odd question I know, but just curious :stuck_out_tongue:

nope just get sf4, unless you like just spending money then by all means

Its a good game, fun stuff. Unfortunately there was next to NO players ever on and anything more than about 75 ping was not playable. You will ahve to hit up srk members here to gets games in. Even then it might not be a good connection. If you have a fighting community where you are at, by all means buy it. You won’t regret it. I have it for 360 and can’t ever play anyone :frowning:

you can buy my copy of this snore fest if you want, its mint condition

if this was the early ninties i could say it was okay to spend that money on game with only a handful of characters but not today, it feels like half a game when it could have been more, oh well there are some hardcore fanboys faggots that will still jump all over this game like its the next guilty gear cause it has cat girls and shit, when everyone thats a real nigga knows that the best thing about this game is D-D-D-DYNA-KID!!!