Battle Fantasia, Street Fighter HD remix, Soul calibur 4 and more Videos! Gamespots

Never thought the day would return when I would see a fighting game preview blowout. 2008 is going to be a great year! Check out the latest info and videos. Most of the info is pretty useless outside of a very little bit.

BF, SFHD and SCIV look sooo sweet!

Damn, that is nice. Thanks for the heads up.

sc4 with yet another SW character…vaders apprentice. I look forward to Playing the Force unleashed, but I don’t know how there going to work the release. I know SC4 is suppose to come out before The force unleashed. And I thought that Lucas would want the to be the 1st big unveiling of there character seeing as he is a pretty huge cannon addition to the SW universe. Old Lucus must trust namco a WHOLE LOT

lol i like it how nobody on the show seems to be listening for the answers. they repeated so many answers, it was ridiculous lol

Was anybody else bothered by how poorly they played the games lol?

thanks for the info,looks good :slight_smile:

It’s always fun to see how they play games really poorly :rofl:

Btw your avatar rocks :smiley:

Probably the most pathetic questions I could ever imagine. “What’s it gonna cost?” x 3 - I wonder how old these people are… “Story mode in SSF2T:HD Remix?” - I wonder if this person even know what a fighting game is…

The game looks incredible, I’m just tired of watching two imcompetent players, making the game look so obscure and shallow. Furthermore Ryu and Ken are starting to get on my nerfs, possibly because the guys playing them seem like they don’t give a fuck.

Team Best From Now should’ve tested the game instead, GameSpot’s reviewers are way too casual for my taste.

they wanted to Unlock Achievements such as “pull off a Dragon Punch with our 360 D-PAD” achievement.

sc looking good.