Battle Fantasia Thread

No, I meant Ashley’s j2C. Lets get more games in the future.

my tag is Vic1ousXx on pso if anyone wants to play some rounds. im from texas so if your in the states it shouldn’t lag that bad at least i don’t think it would. I mostly play face

i was talkin about 2a. but anyway cedric is a charge char. like guile but thats the only thing;he dont play like guile tho. he get most of his combos off his charged drop kick(hold d then at max charge release). stuff to get you started


[CORNER] THROW, 236236A, 28D

he also have like corner throw mixups like throw, 5C, 46A you can pressure them afterwards. you can also throw. 5c they recover walk in 2B, 236236A. 2B can connect to super and 2B can connect to drop kick. but yea you gotta always hold down d when playin with cedric. hope this helps a bit.

discipleZERO, i played you once before but you left immediately after. dont know why since the connection was hella smooth.

Masamuna, yea that j2c is good. i can barely use ashley vs ec players. the only char i can play decent in delay is donvalve and watson.

vagabond07, hope we can play sometime.

Did any of you guys order this from Play-Asia? If so I was wondering how long it shipping take. Its killing me I cant wait to play this damn game.

your not missing much

below par would be a way to sum up this game no wonder it done so poor in arcades in japan

it amazes me what dribble makes it to consoles at full price these days :rolleyes:

I live in the Netherlands. my psn id is DanielPlatinOm.
Let’s Rock!

I might get in on this pretty soon, add me :3

The fact that it didn’t do so well for the arcade does not mean it’s not a good ps3 fighting game.

Look, let me explain to you about arcades (in Japan).
Arcades (in Japan) have loads of fighting games coming out all the time. Some get ports, some don’t. Some get good ports, most get bad ports, like ps2 games without 480p mode.

This is not the best fighting game ever, but that does not mean it’s bad at all. It’s actually great! True, if I were in an arcade I would play another game probably, but about all the reasons it’s done bad in Japan does not mean you won’t like it.

-First real ps3 fighting game
-First real ps3 online fighting game

Capcom or SNK fanboys hate everything Arc does and true Guilty Gear is a better game, but still it’s not so bad. Perhaps Basara X will feature a 480p mode, but I’m not holding my breath.
I just had soem intense battles this evening and I’m still learning the basics. Still slaughtered some folks even though I only use the 4 basic buttons, don’t dash, don’t high jump and don’t grab. Like I said, I’m just touching the surface.

And it’s not full price at all, more like half price, which I actually do not understand at all. They could’ve charged the regular ps3 game price and I would still have bought it. And for those waiting for the us release, good luck holding you’re breath and don’t cry if it were to get cancelled!

Yeah, this game is pretty good. Like Arc’s take on 3S with Disney mixed in and it’s fairly balanced to boot.

In an interview with Arcadia, the BF developers said they were trying to make something very non-GG. So even though its an Arc game, it was intended to be Un-Guilty Gear for a reason (althought the execs eventually insisted they add some elements to make it more similar).

I’m very happy with this game too. It does have a bit of a 3s feel, but it feels much faster to me. I love the art direction of this game, and I really hope it gets sequel that tunes up the engine and adds some more characters.

Anyway, GGs DanielPlatinom, but those matches were laggier than the matches against Japan players. :frowning:

Please add me for some games. hailing from CT, USA

PSN: TwinkieBomb

BF: Deathbringer

do you have to buy this game off the japanese playstation network store?

no no

region free :p, wonder how much it cost - I haven’t been on my PSN for about a week.

anyone know of some good sites with Battle Fantasia Combos and character info?

You can get the full game on the JAP PS3 store? I would have checked myself, but I’m not at home currently.

Wow Pignuttz, we sure do have a shit-tacular connection. Anyone want to play right now?

Very old basic info:
There’s also the gamefaqs faq with moves, but I am looking for a more in depth faq or site as well. If you find anything let me know.

Hey, accept my invite and play me.

How is the lag online play? lets say, bewtween people from WC to EC, or EC to Europe?

Anything like ggpo, ping 120-200 for west EU to EC?