Battle Fantasia Thread

I’d say thats about right. DanielPaltinom is in EU, I’m on EC, and we were getting like 200’ish ping.

Between WC and EC, its probably in the 120-160 range, but that seems to fluctuate almost daily.

Between EC and JP, its probably +200, but I only see 200 on the ping readout from BF. Like all online fighting games, it takes like a day or two to get used to, but once you can work within the lag, its not impossible to still play.

Oh, and just a word of advice, if you’re the kind of person who gets annoyed by players who DC after they lose, don’t play ranked matches. I’ve played at least 10 of the top 20 players in ranked matches, and nearly all of them DC’d after I beat them.

I invited to add everybody in this thread as a psn buddy.
Might be slow, but still if nobody else is around I might be…

i got my copy of BF today.

i sit in germany, my PSN account is “FiD_AtTheGates”.

i am available from tomorrow to friday, the whole day - just drop me a message here or better yet, come visit #hardedge on quakenet.


what char. u trynna use. dont know if you gotten my message on psn, but to answer your question. yes the combo had combo.


Upper Gachi: (heat), J.C, 63214A(1-2 hits), 5A, 5D, J.B, J.D, Auto super.

allright, i just tried playing online for the first time. while the ping was quite high, and therefore the matches weren’t representative, one thing is clear:

this is not the good kind of netcode (the good one being ggpo or 2dfighter style).

bad ping means heavy input lag. the game never stops, only your input will get delayed, which makes the game pretty unplayable imo.
having to wait 2 seconds to see if the jump, or move, or chain you input actually worked is just wrong.

GG’s to Magneto last night, the best connection we’ve had. Also, thanks for playing Face and Ashley, it gave me some really good ideas. Will hit the lab today after some MGS4.

Also, what’s the button layout for arcade? Trying to play it on default on a stick is a bit cumbersome, especially with Cedric.


Egh, so default is the arcade format. Ah well, I’ll get used to it.

yea ggs man it was fun. shoo are u getting battle fantasia?

yeah i will if i can find a place that i can buy it from, LA area.

If not ill just buy it online

you should buy it online man. the only place i know u can buy it out here is japanvideogames, but they too overpriced.

does anyone else have any problems with the connection. I have only played a few matches but each were very laggy. So much lag that it would take a little more than a second for each move to actually go through. It wasnt much fun. This is the only game that i have had this problem with on PSN. It also could have been the other persons connection. I will try a few more. I just wanted to see if anyone else had this problem.

Hey deadly_magneto PS3 Gamertag: PiGnUtTz,
We fought. It was pretty cool. the lag was reasonable. When I play a Japanese player I ussualy am not even able to finsh the match. Spam me with invites if you want.
talk/fight you later on, bye!

PSN gamertag : seantree
Prob be on a bit later tonight. Gotta play some MGS4 first :slight_smile:

I just beat Murase01. He is ranked #1. He did a nice gouchi trick, but I still beat him, it was close though:sweat: He probably can’t play with lag, for me it is hard as well though.
If I’m spamming anybody let me know, because I send several people some messages and invites, please let me know if I am invading your space.:nunchuck:
LET’S ROCK, don’t play MGS, play me!
Apparantly I’m the only one in the Netherlands with this game.:rock:

was on earlier but nobody was playin :confused: i’ll try again tomorrow. back to mgs

I played deadly_magneto (PS3 Gamertag: PiGnUtTz)
He, DonValve butchered me 7 to 1 with me playing Urs. Urs does so little damage to Donvalve. Donvalve does so much damage to Urs. Plus all the unblockables Donvalve has. I want to play more because there has to be a way to defeat DonValve. It probably got boring for PiGnUtTz after a while. We had a decent enough connection. Good fun.

I had to go out of town for a few days, but I’ll be on more now that I’m back. Sounds like you’re all getting good at this game, so I’ll probably get my butt kicked, but it will still be fun!

got a few matches in against someone named corou I think. He mained Urs. I tried Cedric, Face, and Coyori. I’m diggin’ Cedric atm. We had a nice 58ms ping so it played pretty well.

EDIT: BTW, can you stay in the same room with the person you were playing? It seemed as if it would make me go back to the search screen after every match. I’m pretty sure I tried all buttons, but nothing :confused: PS3 noob here <–

GG’s Twinkiebomb. My noob ass got handled by your DeathBringer. Gotta play this title more. On act 5 of MGS4 so I’ll be on BF a good bit more. I’m still diggin’ Cedric as a main. Just need a stick so I can charge D more often. I can’t find a comfortable layout on the pad for it.

Edit: damn, look at me spamming up the thread.