Battle Fantasia?

I did a search and didn’t turn up any topics…

Battle Fantasia is a “2.5d” done by Arc Systems. Lots of weird ass characters, and each round is a “chapter”, making it play like a fantasy storybook.

Opinions? Sorry if this is old’d.

PS - The main character is a … Knight with a chainsaw. So. Rep it!

There was a thread for this. Probably around page 5 or so. Maybe. The game is pretty dead. =/

yeah its old

no more jail stints for u so u can keep up

on another note does anyone know if this is maybe getting a ps2 release

edit… ds beat me to it

Oh, word? My bad.

Visually it reminds me of Rumblefish.

Close the thread, I guess.

Edit: loke test, if y’all interested.

It died as soon as the infinites were discovered :frowning:

The game looked so promising too. Too bad.

Haha, infinites? Fuck, man.

I’m looking for something to tie me over until SF4, yo. I looked at that online MUGEN (ShugenDo?) but I doubt there’s many people online.

Any ideas? Not trying to derail the thread.

Doujin fighters?

People seem to play:

  • Monster (gets drastic change patches, three modes per character, refines gameplay though not always balanced for the better, my character got shafted :sad:)
  • Big Bang Beat (combo combo combo exhibitions!)
  • Akatsuki Blitzkampf (pretty balanced, and pretty decent if seemingly basic gameplay compared to the other two)

I like Monster myself, even if the character designs are furrytastic.

EDIT: I thought ShugenDo was a new fighting game engine that’s NOT Mugen? Or was I sorely mistaken?

Yeah, it’s NOT MUGEN… but it’s… a 2d fighter … with the same set-up, and you use MUGEN characters for it. I wasn’t trying to step on any toes with my generalizations. Sorry.

Doujin fighters… I don’t know. This seems like a weird complaint, but they all seem to be GG/VS. style dial-a-combo with a HUGE portion of the characters being female. I’m having a hard-time relating.

I’ll look at these, though. Thanks man

We all know that Battle Fantasia fails, but the real question is… why? there are a lot of fighting games with infinites and there are still playing everywhere, but Battle Fantasia was a ghost in Japan, even with those graphics and Arcsys on the way, we can at least get a real answer for that and give this thread a reason, because in the other BF thread i dont see too much deep answers about this.

Because, yeah, i never play it and considering the time, i guess we will never see a console release ever.

Do any of these Doujin fighters have any grapplers? Wtf?

I’d kill for a … um… weretiger judoka in Monster. Yeah!

Monster does have a grapler. Delga a.k.a. Dragon Furry.

Visit the Monster IRC channel for more info.


Wasn’t it very expensive as well ? Also, videos etc. didn’t make it seem like a very interesting game.

Yeah, thought it was the price of the cabinet etc… that kept it down. I know I’d buy it if it came out on console. Same with Chaos breaker. Even though it had stupid stupid infinites

I just looked up Chaos Breaker. That seemed pretty cool… wtf happened?
Did it come out on console?

nope. no mention of either of those comin out on console :confused: did you look up the infinite?
if not here

and this one

looks like there should have been more testing eh??

It’s a shame BF didn’t take off because I thought it was a really good game. I played it quite a lot. Oh well…

seems to be paced about the same as 3s. Am I right in that assumption? I would really love to play BF. Love the character designs and the games overall look.

other then that this game looks sweet, ohwell

Speculation runs rampant on why exactly BF fell off. Some point to the fact that ASW basically shot themselves in the foot, trying to release the game shortly after Accent Core was released, and reaping what they sowed because they worked against themselves. A new IP vying against an established, popular one, is always a recipe for disaster.

Others think that the infinites were basically the straw that broke the camel’s back. The game has had a number of issues present since back in its testing phases (with Windows style “Fatal Error” messages no less!), so by that time, BF already became a bit of a running gag. Infinites just made it so people were even less open to really give it a chance to get a capable scene.

Top it off with the fact that the Taito X2 board is no chump-change for arcade owners to dish out for, and together, any 3 of these reasons could give rise to the overall explanation of why BF was an experiment that just did not pan out well for ASW.

My guess is, if the game has any hope to re-appear, it will probably be on the 360, especially if GG2 does decently on that platform. Otherwise, I think it’ll be safe to say that BF will be another one-shot in ASW’s catalogue, where they will just take what they learned from that game to possibly use as a basis for doing things right the next time around, if/when they give the Taito X2 another try.