Battle for Bisonopolis II Results!


Thanks to everyone for coming out to my place for the second Battle for Bisonopolis! I hope everyone had a great time will be coming back in October for the third event I’ll be hosting here at my home. The info for that will be up soon and I’ll most probably be running SF4, Sf3, and Blaz Blue. The SF3 and BB were run as Round Robin and were winner take all. I’ll be posting the top 3 finishers for SF4.

Capcoms Hero



As you can see Joe pretty much cleaned house haha. For those of you who watched the stream thanks a ton for tuning in! Captures will be posted soon (I’m dreading seeing my poor performance haha). Thanks to everyone who came out!

And I hope everyone enjoyed their SF Cupcakes!


i was sad panda for the Blazblue turn out alot more people said they would come but didnt … but i did have alot of fun…i got lost goin to the parkin lot and i roamed around people’s backyards for a while!!! the CUPCAKES were top TIER!!!


Man, it stinks I missed out on this. Hopefully I’ll see you guys tomorrow!


Was a good time…I havent played SF4 in a bit so my Ken looked sick:sweat: but Im just glad I was able to get some casuals in BB and 3rd Strike…Yo Joe you gotta start hosting some more sessions I didnt like that 3rd strike treatment:rofl:…I dont remember who else I was playing in 3rd Strike but ggs…Brad do you have like smaller sessions that you host? oh and before I forget…SF Cupcakes ftw


I haven’t really done smaller sessions at my place yet but I’d be down to. I’m still pretty new and dont have a lot of people’s contacts but I’d definitely be down to host casual sessions sometime


Great stuff. Can you post some pics? Thx!