Battle for Maine pt 2, Standish, ME, Dec 18th

Super Street Fighter 4

-$10 to enter $5 for Venue
-Date: Dec 18th
-Location: Culture Crew Gaming
15 Ossipee Trail
Standish, ME, 04084

  • Time: Still working on this. The doors open at 11am. Come as early as you like. I’m thinking about starting it at 2:30pm-3pm.

-3 rounds best out of 3 matches.
-Double elimination
-Bracket will be randomized

The system it will be running on is a Xbox 360. I might run a side tournament if you guys want.

Ill see if I can make it, but you should change the date from oct 3rd to whatever it really is. Also, I suggest putting the town, state and date in the subject line

Copy and pasting hurts.

I’ll give you a heads up at the souper bowl about how this tournament is going to look.

I’m starting a job trial soon, so I may have the money for this after all!

I’ll try to make it to this.

Nice, chuck! You still in the area for the holidays, eh?

Dusty, is it for sure starting at 2:30? I can still make it but I have something going on in the evening so I’ll probably have to leave around 5. I’ll be there early enough for some casuals tho.

Yes, it will start at 2:30. If anything I’ll only push it till 3.