Battle for the South II, New Orleans, LA, 8/7/10


Thanks to everyone that came out to Battle for the South this year. The turnout was better then last years and moving into next year we plan to get even bigger.

Speaking of next year, as many of you may or may not have heard the announcement:

Come to Battle Stay for the Best Party in the Country MARDI GRAS
3/5/11 (Tenative)
Venue to be determined but seeing how nice the venue was this year, we might be returning.


100 Tournament Participants

MVC2 (12 Entrants)
1st ? Duane ?Marvelous One? (Can?t read his handwriting)
2nd ? Aaron ?TheMostUnkown? Ayme
3rd ? Christian ?iLL Chris? Russo

Super Smash Brothers: Brawl (22 Entrants)
1st ? Justin ?JNig? Folse
2nd ? John
3rd ? Greg ?Battousai? Serio

Blazblue: Continumm Shift (12 Entrants)
1st ? GMMA Jan DelRio
2nd ? Stone ?KenmastersX? Nguyen
3rd ? Dane ?Doctor DRM? Phelan

Tekken 6 (11 Entrants)
1st ? Robert ?HotBoyRob? Johnson
2nd ? Kris ?OneThreeFour? Hoffman
3rd ? Delaney “Orgasmatron Sex-A-Lot” Reid

Super Street Fighter 4 (80 Entrants)
1st ? Evil Rahsaan
2nd ? Rick ?Slick Rick? Kimball
3rd ? Vu ?Ranmasama? Tra
4th ? Jakob ?Jakob002? Davis
5th ? Gary ?BravoNavo? Navo
5th ? Michael ?AceKombat? Puglia
7th ? Tyler ?Zaith?
7th - Mike “Trumpet, aka Fake Mike” Chaix

All of our first time organizing a tournament of this scale. Plenty of lessons learned and it will only get better from here on out. Hope to see everyone next year.


It was a great setup man. Well done. I know it took a lot of work and MONEY! Thanks to Monster’s Arcade for coming out to stream the event. The setup was really excellent. I wish I could’ve stayed for the entire time. Oh well, them’s the breaks.

The archived stream can be found here: - Monsters Arcade - Videos
I’m guessing there will be YouTube videos as well, but this is a good start.


who tied with zaith? delaney is 'great cow lord’
and full results would be ace, when u can update that is…



Vu, Stone & Jon - Screw you guys lol. Nah much love for having my back when I needed you guys, next year there will be much nut kicking though.

Brian “WolfWood0” & Austin Spain - Props on the amazing stream. Thanks so much for coming out.

Jimmy - So much help with bringing out all that equipment and picking up when things needed addressing. I just realized you didn’t bring out a single piece of advertisement. Shame Shame. SO BTW… Play N’ Trade in Harvey, Louisiana is the damn place to be if you want to buy/sell/trade games. The man doesn’t fail to represent.

BRAVONAVO - TOP 5 MOFO, so many salty people out there. Damn great working with you, your help was immensely appreciated.

Stephen - Good luck with the baby life. Thanks for the help.

Big Shirt Kid aka Vaughn - MY BOY. First to pre-register, hooked up with the help on Smash and best of all brought out that damn megaphone. So much thanks and Stone will be bringing your megaphone out to Gameware.

Ryan “Ran” Richoux - Much thanks goes out to you as well for running those smash brackets and bringing out all of the helpful items.

Slick Rick - Thanks to the slickest of Ricks coming out and not disappointing. Your mad sick with Honda and I don’t believe.

Rahsaan - As I listened through the rest of the night, everyone butchers your name apparently. Sorry on my part and thanks for coming out. Hook us up with a heads up next time.

Jakob - Move forward and get on that shit.

HotBoyRob - Your the man for stepping up and representing LA Tekken unlike a certain area. Communities stay strong with stuff like that. Sorry that it wasn’t a better turn-out for you though, I was hoping for Zenzo v Rob 2 and Shin-Blade v Rob for big money.

Mike - You know the score for LA Tekken. One of these days we need to go have some more Vodka.

Duane, Aaron, iLL Chris and everyone else that came out for marvel - Good shit for coming out and representing a crazy ass game.

KumaOso - Quite possibly one of the nicest guys I met at this tourney and mad awesome for hooking me up with water. Keep representing that Fuerte.

Julio/Nathan - HAHAHAHA at the hypest money match for the worst beat down ever.

Winchester - Great shit coming out and bringing some of the Houston crew with you. Hopefully we will get to hang out more in the future. Next time you’re in NO or I have to go to Houston (which could be at any point with work) we need to hang.

Jan - Glad you could make it out and give the Japanese hell at SBO.

Vegta12 - The best man Shreveport has to offer. Good shit on supporting the LA community and showing that you’re not all talk behind a computer.

ProtoLegend - Glad you were at least able to get some real competition for once. Hopefully we can get some more in before you have to leave again.

SaeQuo - You are one crazy mofo. Sucks TVC didn’t happen and your match got cut short. Glad you and the other Florida guys came out to represent.

Moke and Gina - Most love I can give goes out to you two for coming out and helping me pick up like you did. LOL at getting washed in Marvel by real competition. Gonna have to get some sessions in with the real Marvel crew to step that game up.

Bonck - Thanks for hooking up the TV and supporting in the ways you did.

Cuong & Damon - Thanks for coming out. Be less pussy and play next year.

Matt & Christian - Even though it’s dead I was glad to see some 3rd Strike out and about. Next year I want to see some play though.

Sarah & Kristen - You were the talk of the town. You both apologized to me which wasn’t necessary but in retrospect I can’t accept until you two meet up and either talk this out or both agree to be cordial and nothing more. That’s all I’m going to say on the subject and you should leave it at that on these boards On another note, mad love to both of you for coming out and representing what little female presence there is in the community.

Allie - Good job stepping up and playing the Super even though you almost backed out.

I’ve typed way too much at this point. Anyone I missed, good shit on coming out. Next year, will be even better. Hopefully Marvel 3 will be out and KOF 13 will have people playing it. I’m done with Standard Definition unless Smash wants to step up with their own equipment, my back is killing me.


Got the first two. My bad Trumpet, had you down but must have missed it in trying to get this out.

Yeah… full results will take time and I’m done for the night. Maybe I’ll get someone else to do that.


top 4 earned it…

the other guys…


i applaud laffayette tekken for showing up in full force…



brad u gdlk son:clown::clown:

good shit org and rickeen for making it down
houston always cool seeing yall svav and big chris i got yall dont worry next 713 trip$$$
good shit making it down north la twins
good shit P COLA next time tho rowt, bring mixon an em.
good shit to the fucking hotel bartender and the staff watching sf4 finals
bad shit david williams aka SniperX aka luscious or whatever the fuck aka brainless the man.
thanks for making me lose money fakemike and carlos…=/


Oh Shit… I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to laughing my ass off at the moment.


Wow! Good shit Brad!

Also, good shit on running BFTS2. lol


picks metaknight

flies around stage for 8 minutes

super ass brothers…


Good shit to Brad and Stone for a sick tourney. Thanks guys. It was great seeing the OGs again and finally putting faces to the newer crowd.

Sorry I couldn’t provide a more interesting Grand Finals though. I’m super fray to Sim.

and good shit to my nigga Rahsaan for randomly showing up to take it down. You slimey motha fucka…


Brad: Good shit running. No problem helping out. I’m always up for it. If you need it just hit me up, man.

Vu, Stone, Jon: Thanks for putting in your time and money to make this happen. You’d best come out to Gameware next time, Stone. We should have played more casuals, Vu.

Truong: Nice seeing you again. Your Super 4 game is scaring me. Hope you enjoy Need For Speed.

Vaughn: Sorry that TvC didn’t pan out for you. You have a great Zero/Chun. See you at Gameware again.


Mike and Sara: Always nice seeing you guys at a tourney. We should hang out more.

Julio: Good shit on earning me $10

Dustin: Thanks for lending me your stick. That was a lifesaver. You’re always welcome to come with me to any tournament.

Cities, Brizz, Chase: Good shit from all you guys. If you ever need a place to crash for a New Orleans tourney, you hit me up.

Suavion: Nice playing against you in a tournament setting. I’ll hit you up if I’m ever in Houston.

Sleepy: Come down to Baton Rouge one time, I’ll try to run a tourney on a Saturday.

Slick Rick: Good shit putting me out. Great Honda, man.

Kuma: Nice getting so far in the brackets. Keep at your Fuerte.

Sorry if I forgot anyone I met there, but I was a true pleasure meeting everyone. I had a great time at BFTS2. Looking forward to the third.


GGs to everyone there and GJ on running it. Hopefully I’ll do a little better next time.


If anything it’s “Orgasmatron Sex-A-Lot”.

Good stuff, NOLA.


Evil Rahsaan Gs player.


Just following what Mike suggested. However, I like that one too… added. Open to any suggestions on what his handle should be till he clarifies haha.


Well, I rode up there with him… He wanted to enter as Orgasmatron Sex-A-Lot and forgot to write it down. >___<


I like it. DONE. Mike loses.

BTW awesome play in Tekken.


I like it. DONE. Mike loses.

BTW awesome play in Tekken.


GS to everyone fun tournament, even if I played terrible by the time top 8 started.

Rahsaan- AHHHHH damn teleport causing me to eat that super ;_;, our match was probably the best of the day. Much respect

Ace- GG you’ve gotten so much better! All you lack is experience other than that your Ryu has the potential to be top notch.

Slick Rick- GG I’m free to patient Hondas with good execution right now. You’re the best I’ve played hands down and I hope to play you some more while you’re down.

Winchester/Jan- Good to see ya’ll again. Play the game (Coming from me of all people who needs to do the same thing lol)

BravoNavo- MR. TOP 5

Suavion- Stay free

Toi- Thanks for the $$$ brah :nunchuck:. You’re getting there though, GGs for sure.

Dizzy- <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

And anyone I didn’t give a shoutout to you know I love all of you. Time to “create the lab” so we can blow up those outsiders next year. :tup: