Battle High 2 A+ released on Xbox One

I believed that @mattrified wasnt going to work anymore on BH saga but… WELCOME.

That looked like poop.
Is there any story to this game? Was the first game successful or critically acclaimed or something?
Because just from the trailer I am so not excited.

Nope, none of those things. I just wanted to get the game on Xbox One, shrug

Pretty sure, @Hanzo_Hasashi that this will be the iteration I pack it up afterwards – after one or two patches / updates.

Thanks Matt, I always liked BH even that I didnt played much 2nd part.

Needs more PS4

Well thanks for sharing, @Hanzo_Hasashi :slight_smile:

As for that, well, this is what happens when all the fighters become PS4 exclusive (except also PC which doesn’t make sense how it can be called exclusive, but whatever).

oh and <evil laugh>!

Would be great to play against a person as single player has never been my thing… but alas I live in a remote area :frowning: wish it had online.

I played the version of the game and I thought it was fun, I recall it having some strange issues with most supers and specials feeling wonky.
I think the game needs some form of online though.

i really gotta get some friends to play this

Game is called Battle High, but none of these characters look like they belong in high school?

No online arggg i jam the poverty if online