Battle Lounge Keeps Disconnecting


I make a lounge, it stays for maybe 20 seconds and then disconnects. Every time. Very annoying. Anyone having similar problems? I was able to make it on launch day now it’s worse.


If I join someone and they leave the lobby, I’m able to host fine, but when creating my own it constantly disconnects me. This started happening to me ever since they took the servers down for maintenance.


Hasn’t been working since yesterday for me. I get disconnected from my own lobbies after 30 sec, and get “lobby doesn’t exist” regardless if I try to join or invite. At one occasion I accepted an invite and ended up in some random guys lobby. Capcom #1, Street Fighter V #1.


Still can’t create lobbies.


It worked two days ago, now it doesn’t work again. 10/10


Can create lobbies but doesn’t show names, ranks, and always bad connections. Fun.


having same exact problem
can join, but "Failed to create"
when i finally manage to start a lounge - it collapses in about 10-15 seconds, but if i “hijack” a room (host leaves) i can hold it just fine
my 2 friends experiencing same promblem and we live in same city and have different ISPs


3 months later and this crap still hasn’t been fixed? I’m having this problem tonight. This is my first time trying to create a battle lounge where randoms can join.


Having issues of my own with this tonight. Can’t get a good idea of connection strength from the lounge list when I search. Have to join first then see the bars. Dunno how it is anywhere else in NA but I’m in a semi rural area. Got a fiber connection though.


Battle lounge is fucked. I tried to join lobbies the other day didn’t get any indication of connection and for some reason even when a lobby is full it stays on the list. I managed to eventually get into a lobby only 2 find out it was a 1 bar from Japan. Seriously it’s been 3 months now, step up ur shit capcom


lobbies can be hit or miss in my experience. they work more often than not for me, but searching for them is a bitch cause the region doesnt pop up right away in the list of lounges, so i get where i find one, but the guy is in taiwan w one bar, and we obviously see where we would be wasting each other’s time, he boots me while i’m trying to leave anyway, and sometimes my pc version gets hung and i have to restart. that should be addressed inna patch, its happened to me like 5 times since launch

Stop kicking [in your sleep]
Stop kicking [in your sleep]