Battle Medley Singapore 2010 (9-11 July) featuring Momochi and Choco Blanka!


Medley: A collection, a mixture, a smorgasbord of different elements coming together for a common purpose or goal

Yes folks, it is EVO Weekend, but if you’re not already in Vegas for the biggest fighting game tournament in the world, or if you’re in Asia and the region in July, then Singapore is THE place to be. From 9 -11th July 2010, Singapore Expo will play host to arguably one of the most highly anticipated events in the local and regional fighting game calendar ? Battle Medley Singapore 2010, at TGX. Organized and presented by, Singapore?s premier fighting game community and proudly supported by Rapture Gaming, Battle Medley Singapore 2010 will see fighting game enthusiasts from all walks of life coming together to participate in a host of exhilarating activities, experiencing the vigour, energy, camaraderie and passion of the Community in the process.

Highlights include: Individual and 5 v 5 Team Tournaments for Super Street Fighter 4, Street Fighter Clinics, Beat A Pro sessions, Lucky Draws with very exciting prizes up for grabs, the official launch of the new and the chance to obtain exclusive Premium Membership and memorabilia, as well as guest performances by locally acclaimed Singer/Songwriter and Street Fighter enthusiast Inch Chua.

Also making a special appearance at Battle Medley Singapore are top Japanese players and personalities **Momochi **and Choco Blanka. Momochi, the reigning SBO Street Fighter: 3rd Strike and Capcom SF4 Nationals 2010 Champion, and Choco, the reigning Godsgarden Ladies? Tournament Champion and arguably the best female Street Fighter 4 player in the world , are definitely no strangers to Street Fighter and fighting game fans. Both Momochi and Choco will be looking forward to adding more hype and excitement to an already electrifying atmosphere and will be participating in the Individual and Team Tournaments at Battle Medley Singapore, as well as taking on the best that Singapore has to offer in an exclusive Endless Battle session. Live interviews, photo opportunities and meet-and-greet sessions with Momochi and Choco are also being planned.

Battle Medley Singapore 2010 is a milestone event for the fighting game community, appealing to the veterans, the beginners, the hardcore, the casual, the arcade players and the console gamers alike. Battle Medley Singapore 2010 aims to bring everyone interested in fighting games in Singapore together regardless of skill level and experience, seeking to encourage people to join an ever growing Community of fighting game enthusiasts and expand the scene in Singapore and beyond, a Street Fighter Symphony where the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts.

It?s time to face the music.


Momochi’s and Choco’s welcome message: [media=youtube]9Osn1jUhJVo&feature=player_embedded#[/media]!

Full press release can be found at :


Watch this space as we reveal the identity of our special guests in the days to come.

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hints are up on the official facebook and Twitter pages!

Identity of our two very special guests to be revealed very soon. Trust me you won’t be disappointed.


And we’ve announced it!

Battle Medley Singapore 2010 will feature non other than top Japanese players and personalities Momochi and Choco Blanka!

check out their welcome message to everyone here:


EDIT: First post updated with new info.


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full program and trailer up!

Battle Medley Singapore 2010 Full Program and Trailer


very nice, hope we’ll get to see some match videos from this event


We’re actually ready to do a stream. Unfortunately, the internet situation is unclear. We’ll hopefully have it sorted out in the next few days.


Info site is up!

Battle Medley Singapore 2010


Turns out we actually have one more guest ready for this event!



Stream is up!!!
Ustream link

Program details

We have special guests Choco Blanka and Momochi from Japan down at Singapore Expo for the event =)