Battle of King's A&C Qualifier Results: 19/11/2011 - Toronto

Great turnout for both games.
I like to thank:
A&C for providing us with the Venue and the equipment
Vince for providing th stream
Dice for running AE
Players for attending.

UMVC3 - 15 Teams

1st Team Rush Hour 1 - [YRSF]white_r / [A&C]RDK
2nd Team Lets get it Kraken - [YRSF]Nickcam / [YRSF]Chaos2D
3rd Team Rush Hour 2 - DarkDragon / Quandizzle
4th Team Raffle Illuminate - [GDLK]Rebelo / ChaChaMan
5th Team BBQ - Rammy / Davero
5th Team Jailbait - Rikir / Jing
7th Team Getty - [YRSF]Blitzman / SpiralGuy
7th Team Kirdy Soul Keeper - Felipe / Ligue
9th Team Rasta Monsta - elvisNGO / Myk0
9th Team Ordinary Guys - Brian / Mitch
9th Team American Pie - Geneses / Japots
9th Team P4U - Austinacious / PizzaGoop
13th Team Alpha - RNightmare / Soul Eater
13th Team Harold & Kumar - Chris / Shivan
13th Team We thought this was a street fighter tourney - JohnJohn / Rekanize

SSFIV: AE - 13 Teams

1st Team Getty - [YRSF]Blitzman / Spiiiiral Guy
2nd Team Roxbury - Italdan / Aerials
3rd Team Careless Whisper - Watchtower / Saco
4th Team 2DGADs - [YRSF]Chaos2D / Davero
5th Team GDLK Rebelo - [GDLK]Rebelo / Larry
5th Team Js Master has Crabs - Dice01 / Billotlog
7th Team Rasta Monsta - elvisNGO / Myk0
7th Team TMC - Shine / Basics
9th Team Oily EyePatch - Kadim / IronAiden
9th Team Love Crusaders - JohnJohn / Rekanize
9th Team Maggot - Robin / Navi
9th Team Prodigy - Kage / Paradox
13th Team P4U - Austinacious / PizzaGoop

Thanks again and I’ll see you all at Waterloo’s Qualifier

Hmmm 5th? Not bad. Gotta win the next one. Kihihi~

what happened to the rank 50th player on XBL

Prob was playing xbl…

Thanks for having me at the tourney and I look forward to the grand finals. Shout outs to my team mate RDK for holding it down on the matches that I couldn’t. Also, shout outs Quan, Rebelo, Basics, Larry, RSX and everyone who had contributed to this event. You guys are the best! Finally, shout outs to my sponsor YRSF, you can find out what we do at the links on my signature. You can check out my summary on Monday. Stay hungry!

LOL team JS masters has Crabs ftw

Great tournament guys, caught the action on stream. Congrats to the qualifiers especially Team YRSF! Good shit guys.