Battle of the Bay 209 Qualifiers Stockton CA SAT 9/4/10


So I got the go ahead from FChamp and we will be hosting our own qualifiers. Its time for the 209 to be taken serious! This qualifiers will be from modesto/manteca/stockton. Around those areas. Will also include Salinas, and Santa Cruz if they want to come out here.

DATE MAY CHANGE TO ADD ONE WEEK, only if players need another week to come out. I really want it 2 weeks heads up then 2 weeks to prepare for Battle of the bay, which is Sept 19th which I’m not sure is solidified. But for now, this is the date I’ve come up with.


Venue: Gamers Etc (Play n 'trade)
6029 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95207-3707
(209) 474-9690

Date: September 4th, 2010. Saturday. 1pm Signups 2pm Start time. DO NOT BE LATE

Format: Round Robin on xbox 360. Bring your own Controller/Stick. Top 4 with the most wins qualifies.

Fee: $12 Dollars, this covers venue and qualifier rules.

1.Kidikorus (captain)

The owner is a great guy i met with yesterday, SO DO NOT COME HERE AND BE AN ASS OR CAUSE RUCKUS. I will kick you quick. Hype and having fun is all gravy though.

We will be making a beef tape! Believe it, Its time we get put on the map!


Changed up a bit to accommodate BOB rules.


Updated Fee and Format, to accommodate qualifier rules.


Just to let cats know, I’ll also be here for signups around 12ish if peepo want to come early.


why did you take this off of north pac threads?


209 in this bitch