Battle of The Bay-EAST BAY QUALS Thread-AUGUST 2nd,2010(NEXT MONDAY)

East Bay Qualifiers(Hayward,Oakland,Fremont Union City Richmond,Pleasanton,Concord ETC.)


Place: Hiro’s House

Address:22406 Victory dr Hayward, Ca 94541

SetUps: I know we have a few set ups but if you can bring anymore please do so

Format: $10 to play and enter,The qualifiers will be Round ROBIN style with the matches being 2/3 rounds with the top 4 placers qualifying onto the team to join the East Bay Team Capt. LPN

House Rules: Hiro’s house is pretty chill but by all means it DOES NOT mean to come here and act a fool because you will be handled with. Take off your shoes at the door and introduce your self to as many people as you can…ESPECIALLY the Home Owner Hiro

Smokers: Smoke outside away from the door and please ash in the ash tray provided,We don’t want to cause any problems for the Host aka Hiro.


Sik shut up!!!

Other than that, looks like i’ll be donating to the scene, oh and muchos thanks Hiro for the hospitality sir.

Stupid double post!!!

y0 Sik, Trying to get my boy out in Hayward to go to this. If he goes, Show em around the ropes.

Is this just for SSf4?

I am trying to have some casual matches this friday in concord for 3s. I have sticks as well. If you guys are down pm me. I have SSf4 too, but want to play 3s more.

This is Qualifiers for a 5v5 team to compete in a tournament, Not casuals, try opening up a different thread if you are looking to play casuals with other people

Pm me on who it is n stuff bro

what character will LPN be using?

Yo! I can come just to watch, right?

:lol: wow came up fast. Luckily I should be off work by then so I should be able to make it. I’ll give it shot why not. Who knows might get lucky :wgrin::looney::lol:

lol i dont see ne thing wrong with that…but i will keep my eye on u Mister! lol


East Bay Qualifiers, I’m there. Shoot me a message if you need another set up I can provide 360 if needed I got a SE and a fightpad

Hiro, thanks for the hospitality see you all around 7-8pm

Right on man ill let u know sunday if we’d need it for sure for sure

me and ramin will be there.


Hmm…i suck but hey…if nothing comes up, why not?

BUMP…Less get a good turn out!

see u all dere on Monday.

except for Niman and Ramen

THIS IS TONIGHT! See u guys there!

Also: get there around 6:30 - 7

Gives the host some time to get set up

Count me out. I might be out tom also :frowning: