Battle of the Bay SSF4 5v5 Qualifiers- Sacramento/Davis/Reno Combined to 1 team

Sac/davis/reno combined, see davis qualifier thread for details

Shoutouts to putting people on blast for trying to help out

Seriously this is IPW , Me and Sikwidit’s Event you dont just come out and just be like yo im doing a qually in my house , change the format of the event ,Make a thread… and last Romeo will run the organize the qualifiers in sac NOT YOU!

Not interested in organizing or running the Sacramento qualifier. Please delegate the position to someone else.

Fuller seems to be an ideal candidate.

Since F.Champ doesn’t want me to run the qualifier, I would like any and all individuals who wish to run the qualifier in its entirety to please speak up. If I don’t have to run it, I don’t want to.

In case you missed it, we are combining Davis/Sac/Reno into one team due to a number of different factors. Sorry about the confusion but thanks for your patience.

We discussed it very briefly, but didn’t get to finish our conversation - hence the confusion.

It’s all settled now, so things should be ok.