Battle of the Darkstalkers Collections!

With Capcom’s recent collection spree, I’ve been thinking of picking up one of these two games (or both, one of which through “alternate” means). With that in mind, which one of the two would the people of SRK recommend? This thread might also be a good place to better document the differences between the two games.

PS2 Vampire Collection:

  • Like Alpha Anthology, has all Vampire (Darkstalkers) games ever released.
  • Also has arranged versions of some of the later games, most notably Vampire Saviour to emulate the Saturn version (which had all of the characters ever seen in the series in one game).
  • Has the secret character “Dee”, first seen in the PSP “Dark Tower” game.
  • Has Dip switches (in Japanese) to let you configure the little things for each game.
  • No “Hyper Vampire” mode.

DC Vampire Chronicle:

  • Is essentially “Hyper Vampire”, you pick your character and game version, then fight!
  • Characters introduced in Vampire Saviour also have Vampire and Vampire Hunter (Darkstalkers 1 & 2) versions, which is kinda neat.
  • I’ve heard rumblings that the graphical translation isn’t that great, but I’m not sure.

Those are the main points for each game that I’m aware of. If anyone can comment further on the more aesthetic stuff (graphics / sound, etc.), that would be greatly appreciated.

PS2 Vampire Collection offers Progressive Scan. Seems to have a sound glitch though with Swap Magic discs, from what I can tell. Many announcer voices for VS2 are replaced with Pyron’s laugh. Seems to only happen with Swap Magic though, as it only happens on my fliptop but not Japanese PS2s.


Vampire Chronicle is ass, the core engine is based off the terrible updates of Savior 2 and Hunter 2, and is just a terrible quagmire in general.

The PS2 collection is just that a full collection of the games which also give you the options of having dip switches that will allow you to make them play like their original arcade versions and enable various arranged games.

who the fuck is Dee? pics?

Shit, I was planning to get this with Swap Magic. Is there no workaround / does it always have the sound glitch w/ Swap Magic?

PS2, it’s like the Alpha Anthologies of Darkstalkers

who do you have to convince to bring the Darkstalkers Collection to the US?

Probably Capcom of Japan. And I have a feeling it’s already been pondered, and dismissed.

He’s a “what-if” Evil Donovan character. Looks like Demitri, but with Donovan’s head, and a crimson/black version of Donovan’s sword. Has a mixture of moves from both Donovan and Demitri (mostly Demitri normals and Donovan specials/supers, IIRC), as well as one or two unique moves.

As far as I know, no workaround. It’s only in VS2. I’ve tried swap magic 3.3 and 3.6 and both of them do it, but it doesn’t seem to do it on Japanese PS2s. I remember not being the only one here posting about this audio problem when the game came out. Maybe there’s more to it, I don’t know.

EDIT: Now that I think about it, it might’ve only done the laugh sound if you’d played VH2 first at some point. If it wasn’t the laugh, then it was either no sound at all or some other, more subtle sound I think. I’ll have to look into it again, but something definitely wasn’t right.


I think if enough people buy the alpha collection AND send capcom the interest emails we may have a chance…

The Swap Magic problem is only for VS2. All the other games play perfectly. The issue is when you do a combo or first attack instead of the normal announcer, you get random sounds, like the bells or Pyron’s laugh. I never play VS2 so it is’t an issue for me. If you want to play with the extended or changed move set from VS2 just play VH2. It is the same game except for teh rounds. Instead of an ongoing life bar ala VS and VS2 (or KI), VH2 is seperated into rounds ala Vampire1 and VH. I personally play VH, VS, and VH2. It is seriously worth it. The only “issue” I have with it is you can’t get the Vampre colored backgrounds in Vampire Hunter.

Oh okay - thanks for clearing that up. I’m sure I won’t be playing much VS2 either…and that sounds like a pretty minor issue.

It’s things like that that make me glad I have a high priced DMS Pro premod…

Anyway, I’m getting this with my KoFXI order. Figure I’ll get SvG, Matrimelee, and Art Of Fighting collection as well. What’s with all these collections? It feels like the classy end to fighting games, or it could be because of the upcomming next gen console wars. I should get Orochi Saga and 94 ReBout to, hmm.

I was thinking about getting ths game. But is there a way with the dip switches to add the VS2 characters to VS, but keep the rest of the character’s play arcade perfect? Or do the unblockables and stuff go away if you mess with the dipswitches?

I know there’s an arrange mode to Vampire Saviour that adds Pyron, Phobos and Donovan (just like the Saturn version), so you can do it that way. I don’t think that affects the rest of the cast, just adds new characters (similar to arrange mode of Alpha 3 in Alpha Anthology).

For more info, here’s a link to a spiffy Vampire Collection FAQ done by the same guy who did the SFAA Secrets Guide that’s on GameFAQs:

there’s a PS2 port?

Why won’t Capcom combine both? That’s all the Alpha anthology is: A collection of all versions of that game’s incarnations and a game that allows you to mix and match different version’s of the series characters against each other. They did it once, why the hell can’t they do it again?

There is but it’s in Japan only.

I’m trying to fathom how anyone could vote for Vampire Chronicle on DC…