Battle of the home versions: MK Trilogy: PS1 vs N64 vs SS

setting up scene for FGC issue in mid 90s

I remember back in the mid-90s but all the guys got together and talked about video games and eventually bought them and play them within versus each other.

I remembered this conversation about Mortal Kombat Trilogy. For full disclosure everyone in our group was a Saturn owner by the way, I was also an N64 owner, and I don’t think we had too many Playstation One owners until they became retro.

The one advantage cartridges had

I remember the Sega CD version a Mortal Kombat 1, what’s considered the best version …

… Until you face Shang Tsung. On the cartridge version he was tough. But on the CD version there’s a “now loading” screen every time he morphs. literally that extra time to refocus and to think about his new form turned him from being a b**** to being my b****.

There was literally no disc-based version of Mortal Kombat 2 because of the shang tsung flaw (until SS MK2) and now he’s a regular character. PS1 MK3 had the exact same load problem.

The Saturn version of Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 had a Shang morph option where you can either turn the feature off which would both cripple Shang Tsung as a usable character but save load time by disabling the morphs for both human and computer users. Or you could leave at true to arcade and allow all morphs, but loading would occur.

Sega RAM cart News.

At the time we heard Sega was making a RAM cartridge. We thought it was specifically for the game Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 so that the morphs would work right. Also we heard upcoming X-Men vs. Street Fighter was going to be true to Arcade with tag teams, something that is lacking in the PlayStation 1 version.

This was the basic talk on our group. Of course, in our minds, “the web” wasn’t here yet to talk about it, let alone SRK.

apparently not everyone on SRK agrees

On a different subject where the N64 came up tangentially, I mentioned the N64 having the best version of Mortal Kombat Trilogy. (With a straight face, because I usually type a .) to indicate irony/humor) And then I’m laughed at and called a troll.

I guess that’s how isolated bubbles work you think as though most everyone holds your opinion until you find someone who doesn’t.

Toodles never made an N64 adapter. Neither did the PS 360 Plus nor the Brook Retro. Between Killer Instinct and MK trilogy You’d think there’d be an N64 adapter.

Another interesting miss was the Wii Classic Controller, yet more people seem to be advocating for that mainly because of Tatsunoko vs Capcom.

I'll consider that the PS1 version may be better, but you have a pretty big weight to outweigh the morph peoblem

I think I made a legitimate case for why one could consider the N64 better. It may be a single weight on the scale of comparison but it’s a very heavy weight.

Of course if the Sega Saturn version was programmed for the RAM cart but just was an actuable in America unless you went to the foreign market and got a Japanese ram card, then hands down the Sega Saturn version would be the because it has whatever the PlayStation version has that Nintendon’t and it has the morph feature which PlayStaShuns.

I’ve never seen the PlayStation or Saturn version of trilogy. I don’t understand why it’s the prevailing favorite. If it’s true that the N64 version is usually despised, then tell me what the PlayStation version has that the N64 doesn’t.

now the questions are: are most people unaware of the Shang tsung problem or are the PlayStations features that much better that it’s worth putting up with the Shang tsung problem? Or did the PlayStation version deal with the Shang tsung problem in an acceptable way?

why a new subtopic

Oh by the way I did search up the term Mortal Kombat Trilogy and there was no comment except in my recent tangential question as far back as 2010. Since this topic wasn’t the main topic of a forum since at latest 2010, it be fair to put this up as a main topic of battle of the home versions.

I noticed most are these opinions I hold seem to be very unpopular. But knowing that some people are younger than others I was in Early college when this issue came up.

this is not an issue for a modern remake

And I understand if they were to do a version of Mortal Kombat 3 or higher for modern system like they did for the Xbox 360 at least that the Shang tsung morph problem will be cured because the whole game fits under the RAM portion of the system. if this arcade game never accesses the disc then in theory the Shang tsung issue should not be a problem especially if it’s going off the arcade code where it does assume it has enough memory to hold the characters.

by the way for the purpose of this poll assumed were talking back in the day situation in the mid-90s as opposed to looking back on it today in 2020. If you were into video games then, tell us your opinion back in that day. if you weren’t in the video games at that time or even non-existent at that time, try to use your imagination and assumed you were a fighting game fan when this issue is new.

So now I’m going to add the poll. Knowing what I told you about this issue, is a Playstation 1 still the slam dunk winner?

  • PS1 version
  • N64 version
  • SS version

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N64 version is UG-LY. I had the psx version but haven’t booted that up in ages but I have a copy of the n64 version and it looks gross.

1st version I ever played was the PS1 version. Was fascinating. Can finally pick Shao Kahn. I basically mimicked MKII Shao Kahn spamming shoulder dashes, taunts, and laughs.Would have been cool if they had Shang Tsung from MK (morph back and forth at will by doing the button combinations like from MKII/MK3/UMK3 but you can stay morphed however long you wanted to, then if you press the 1-player button you morph back into Shang Tsung) and all of Goro’s moves from MK like the stomp.

5 or 6 flaming skulls in a row and that soul scream!!!

Interesting video. Based on the footage it looks like a PC Hack of the Arcade ROM. Is that accurate?

Based on early comments and voting, It looks like a Graphics vs Gameplay argument. PS1 has the better graphics, and N64 has Shang Tsung morphs that load instantly.

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