BATTLE ON THE HIGHWAY: Riding with M. Bison!

After a couple years of getting comfortable with the local sessions, I’ve decided to move on and travel to different areas. I live in the High Desert area (Victorville, CA to be exact). I want to start a carpool/caravan where anyone can join me in leaving their own local scenes and playing at different locations to level up and gain experience.

I’m willing to play most games. I mainly play ssf4 but am also interested in mvc3, T6, HDR, as well as MK9. If there are tourneys for other games like MVC3, if they have ssf4 I’m willing to go.

As long as people are willing to pitch in for gas, I have no problem picking people up along the way. I will try to plan my trips a week in advance and post on the first page so you can try to contact me and plan on joining.

I have 3 rules…

*** NO B.O.**
*** NO DRUGS**
*** NO BS or EXCUSES after losing**

If anyone else is also willing to drive and take passengers, the more the merrier. I have Fridays and Saturdays off work every week and will probably be doing this every two weeks.

I will take suggestions on where to go. If there are far away tournies you would like to try and go to, let me know

**Destinations: **


04/01/11 (Or 04/02/11 if more convenient for others)
ROUND 1 Arcade

Puente Hills Mall
1600 S Azusa Ave
Ste 285
City of Industry, CA 91748

04/15/11 (2 spots open)

626 S Harbor Blvd
Santa Ana, CA 92704

Santa Barbara Gamefest 2011! - Santa Barbara, CA$600-pot-bonus-267579/

Santa Barbara City College Campus Center
721 Cliff Drive
Santa Barbara, CA 93109

ROUND 1 Arcade

Puente Hills Mall
1600 S Azusa Ave
Ste 285
City of Industry, CA 91748


1211 N Grand Ave
Walnut, CA 91789



California State University, Long Beach
Building ED1, Room 40
1250 Bellflower Boulevard
Long Beach, California 90840


PM me for my number so you can text me. You can also contact me on 360 and PSN

This is a great idea. I hope people are willing to join you and go along with it. The first ever mobile gathering. What better way to experience So Cal and level up than to go to all the hot spots. Good luck with this:)

Thanks for the support! If you know any players interested, let me know. I’ll see you friday

Really cool idea. I’ll be checking up on this thread if you’ll be going down to the City of Industry/Walnut area (We have 3 Arcades with AE) because I’m always down to play different people.

Super Arcade, Video 94, or Round 1.

Yeah I’ve been to all 3 . I can definitely try to carpool to those arcades. Gotta get that ae practice =)

Good Luck Munch Munch.

Thanks dolfan. And I was thinking of hitting up rd1 for my next trip. Maybe I should start a poll after people start traveling with me on where I should head next…

this is a really good idea, i like it a lot.
good luck to everyone on their travels :karate:

Haha this sounds bad ass just some questions though.
What car do you drive?
and are you a safe driver lol?
I’ll b down going to Round1 i always go by myself so this should b fun
I live in Riverside :slight_smile:

How is Super Arcade and Video 94?
Never been to them they full with ppl?

I drive a G35 and I carpool at work for a living lol. Be rest assured I will get anyone to and from places safely:tup: But it’s a 4-seater so i can only take 3 others

I put premium in that beast so please understand how expensive the prices of gas are lately. Most likely the rate I’ll be going for is $5-10 per person depending on how far we go. Obviously driving to San Diego County is a trek and I hope people wouldn’t mind paying $10 to get there and back home. A round trip for me to San Diego would be 290 miles…

I’m really not charging much when you think about it. I’m doing this mainly for myself and want to go to these places personally so if no one wanted to join me i’ll still be on my way regardless for the experience:karate:

hah ok sounds good
just wait till gas prices are 5$ or even more
and like i said ill b down if we go 2 Round1, Super Arcade, or Video 94
i just been playing AE i dnt play SSF4 no more

OOOh man! Reminds me of my old skate touring days. How fucking fun!

Alright, just came back from don’s arcade. Gg’s to lee (?) The T Hawk player. Got my next two destinations planned for the month ahead. Round 1 in 2 weeks!

Ya that’s Lee.

Thanks for driving all the way from Victorville to my place. I hope more people join you because it’s a great idea. So Cal really is the only place you can do something like this since there are so many hot spots all over.

No problem. I really like the way you handle things down there. Everyone seems to respect you a great deal, and they should because it’s your house lol. Next time i’m in the area i’ll stop by for sure.

First post updated with next 2 destinations!

Haha sounds good man im down just let me know what i need n how much $ gas.
Just scared to b left behind if 4 some reason we face each other and u get mad happened to me this Saturday my GF’s Brother just left me @ round1 while he left n returned around 2am kinda sucked

that sucks man. I won’t leave anyone I pick up behind… as long as you pay up front (lol j/k). No seriously though, i will ask for gas money up front and therefore be obligated to take you back home since you paid me. i’ll PM you my number. You can text me with details. For anyone else, I’ll probably be asking $5 for Round 1. $6 for Alex’s Arcade.

So because u said ANYONE ELSE means ill get a free ride??? LOLOLOLOl jk man
N yea i got it sent u mine as well ill hit u up from time to time

Lol whatever. Alright, been busy this past weekend. Round 1 is still the plan for this Friday. 2 spots left. I’ll update first post with my route soon

EDIT: Route has been posted, 2 spots open.