Battle Opera in Central Florida: - Florida Major All must attend

Battle Opera in Central Florida - Florida Major

Presented by: Arcade Renaissance

4991 Calypso Cay Way
Kissimmee, FL 34746
1st floor Meeting Room

March 3rd (door opens) 9pm- 1am

March 4th (door opens) 10:30am- until


  1. CvS2 (dreamcast)

    • Normal Rules
    • RC is allowed
  2. 3S (xbox/ps2)

    • Gill is Banned
    • Normal Rules
  3. Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (dreamcast)
    -no time wasting glitches

    • normal rules
  4. Tekken 5 (ps2)

    • normal setup 3/5 rounds 2/3 match
  5. Soul Calibur 3 (ps2)

    • TBA- (KAB get at me on this)
  6. Naruto 4 (Game-cube)
    -Willvolution Standard tournament rules
    -akamaru banned

    • karasu banned
    • cough itachi banned J/K

Sub Games:
Undecided: Not Really Sure if I am going to run any. I am willing to do a few only if there is a serious request/demand and help to run it.

Rules: Various
Door Entry: $10
Entry per Game: $10

Pay out:
Winner - 70%
2nd Place - 20%
3rd Place - 10%

Additional Pay out: For Each Person that wins one of Winner of the Big 3 (Capcom vs Snk 2, Marvel vs Capcom 2, & Street Fighter 3: Third Strike) will receive an additional $100.00 to the pot split. (Minimum of 16 man sign-up per game)

Schedule & Rules:
Big 3- All will be round robin to get either the top 8 or 16 depending on the amount of participants. Then preceding the round robin elimination section of the tournament there will be a Regular double elimination tournament.
**** This is why the tournament is starting on FRIDAY NIGHT****

All other tournaments Double Elimination
Bring Your Own controllers as needed.
All Preliminary matches are 2 wins out of 3
All finals and grand finals are 3 wins out of 5

There will be a total of four groups (A, B, C, D) for the Round Robin what I will do is separate you by region or just people that you play often(based off your request) or if you can arrive from the Friday Night. Capcom vs Snk 2 will start on the Friday night along with Third stike.

March 3rd

10:30 p.m. ? 1a.m. Group A & C: Capcom vs. Snk 2

10:30 p.m. ? 1a.m. Group B & D: Third Strike

I am willing to do one Random Tournament Friday night as well just choose quickly and let me know.

March 4th

11:30 a.m. ? 2:30p.m: Groups B & D (cvs2) & Groups A & C (3s)

Continuation/Completion of Group A & C (cvs2) & Group B & D (3S) ** only if needed **

11:30 a.m. ? 3:30 p.m.: Group A-D: Marvel vs. Capcom 2

2p.m. ? 5p.m.: Tekken 5 (double elimination tournament no round robin)

4p.m. - 7 p.m. - Soul Calibur 3 (double elimination tournament no round robin)

6 p.m. - Until: Naruto 4 (double elimination tournament no round robin)

Final 8 or 16 double elimination tournament for the Big Three will Start Around 7:30 ? 8:30 until we get done.

All times are relative to attendees and how smoothly this tournament runs. Bottom line- Don?t come to me when I am a half an hour or even an hour off schedule talking about I gotta go to (work/pick up somebody/ blah blah blah- I?m not trying to hear that shit. If you look at the line up you will see that I am in for a hellavu two days.) The tournament should be your only priority on these days :smile:

Contact Info:
Aim: Calmwarrior1

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concern that you may have with the tournament format or just post it.

Pre-Registration is a must if this thing is going to run smoothly- ? so please be Kind and awww, Pre-register.?

What I intend to do to separate same region player for the round robin is to put them in a group in the order that they register.

For example, Miami:
Greek, Flash, Biggzy, and Nothingxs signs ups in this respective order so shall they be placed in their groups from A-D respectively.

Registeration Information needed:
Call Tag
Region of Florida you?re from

David Richardson
Ultimate Hustla
Orlando, Fl

Pre- Register Here:

Andres Velasco y Coll
3rd Strike (ST / NGBC if any of them happen)

I’m willing to give a hand running an NGBC tournament.

If people in my zone are down for it, I am.

Chris “Kalypso” Thomas
Tallahassee, Florida

I could bring a ps2, granted you don’t mind it’s a ghetto piece of shit (Taped together because I have to keep fixing the disc read bug), hehe.

So y’all two are just going to ignore the Pre-reg thread right?
Ok i see how that is.

Kalypso that was going to be one of my post. i definitely need some ps2 dog. Help out if you can man.

Andres i don’t want you to help me with SHIT!!!


All i would like to ask of you is tournament follow up dog. Just post up results and highlights, like i stated before i am bad at that shit son.


Nice nice nice… how about a mvc2 team tourney the night before?.. I get off work around 8pm, so run it 10pm? :-P~

Um im cool with this but problem. If I do sign up for 3rd strike, Can I be in group c or D? Cause possibly Friday night I have to work.

Thanks in advance.


Ouch no #reload ><

Why is that? Afraid of a poor turnout? All well that makes me sad hehe…

Jeff, dawg you know i will hook up T.E.K. if yall come through just get me some names and some modded ps2 dog and it’s a done deal you will have to run it as well though.

Hey is anyone going to need to rent a room. I will be willing to Get a deal for anyone is definitely coming. I think i work something out for $40/night + 13% tax for a room that holds four people. Let me know if you’re going to need housing.

yea what he said…

okay. but it really doesn’t matter dwayne. let’s say it’s only two people did not show up on the friday. and they called while one the way there saturday. They just would have to play all the people in that pool, that’s all. don’t worry about it. But i will put you in a C D group once you register in the proper thread.

re-read first post

Cool I was going to ask the same thing, I’m gonna get there really late friday night because I have to work, so I might not make it early enough for the start.

PS: Any money matches that anyone wants with me in 3S are welcome


$5,000,000 … what bitch!

well i am all about the ggxx #r tourney hopefully i can talk alex garv into coming. If hes not busy with school. If jeff don’t want to run the tourney i will. I use to run a few tournies here in g’ville so its all up to u and the pre-reg’s just put it up as a game that will be there depending on attendance. Regardless I will b there for marvel.

I will take CvS2 money matches

Zerog hook me up with a ride!? PLEASE!


yo. do me a favor.

Please post you signups in the Pre-registration thread.

This allows other regions to see who’s coming and it my spur more people to come thru if they see who’s coming.

Whats up David? I’ll most likely be there for this, just gotta see my school and work schedule.

Alex, i don’t wanna hear dat Bullshit…

Stalvey is coming

Nuff Said.