Battle outfit colors? help


I bought nash’s battle outfit, and I’m curious to how to get his alternate colors? I already did survival for his colors on his story outfit, but I just bought his battle outfit today, do I have to regrind survival to unlock his other colorS?

please help! thanks


That’s exactly what you have to do.
Survival only unlocks colours for the specific costume you’re using while you’re playing.
If you’re on pc, search for the “one battle survival mod”.


yup, I am on PC! i will take a look into that!

is it safe to use?


Is the file safe to use? and also not a virus?


I think that’s the same one from this page:
Use the yattamm program, it’s super easy.
Just download the 1 round mod, and any others you want (skins, music mods, etc).
Open up yatta, find the mods and load them into the program. Run the mods from the program, start the game.
Easy peasy. (lemon squeezy)

Keep in mind that at least one mod is incompatible with others (it’s the portrait colour mod, pretty insignificant)

Should be safe.
It worked perfectly me for me the other day. Used it to smash all difficulties of survival with the four dlc characters.


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You did good today my little spiral arrow