Battle Points and Player Points


Hello, I just discovered this site a few days ago and it’s a great source of information that I wish I had found earlier.

One thing that has always confused me is how player and battle points work. I’m a pretty poor to mediocre player yet my Bison is somehow ranked number 170 or so in the world, which to me doesn’t sound right. After a couple of months of playing Bison hard core I still can’t manage to link short kick combos, I have no idea how to make use of the focus attack, I jump way too much…

Of course occasionally when I play ranked or endless matches I run into what I assume are ‘alts’ who have 0 or 1000 BP but which are clearly much better than I am and they mess me up pretty bad… seems like it kind of blows the idea of points out of the water…

Question 1: Do points matter at all? Do they measure anything of value or is it like points in arcade mode where it’s totally academic.

Question 2: When you look at the players’ fight cards in replay mode, it shows a summary of each players’ points, and then it lists a ‘total’ column which mathematically I can’t derive from the listed points. Can someone explain what ‘total points’ are?

Question 3. Is it possible to ‘game’ the points system? As I said I am a very poor-mediocre Bison yet I have managed to obtain a 3000 PP rating (was as high as 3500) and 11000 BP rating. However, Bison is the only character I play. Is it easier for me to have more points because I stick to one character while others lose points because they play multiple characters?

Thanks for your responses. :slight_smile:


Q1: I would say no, but when you fight a Shoto that’s like, 250 pp 3000 bp you know the player is going to be ass doing wakeup SRK everytime you get a knockdown and random sweeps. I think PP/BP ratio is more important.

Q2: Total matches played, including endless

Q3. I don’t understand this question, but if you switch characters, your Bison will still have 11000 bp. However, your PP will change based on win/lose.


Can you explain what a PP/BP ratio? Assume my numbers of 3000/11000

I guess what I mean by question 3 is, why are my points so good when I’m so bad. I was hypothesizing that people who train characters who they don’t normally play would have player points ratings which would suffer. Maybe that’s why my PP is so high. I know it’s too high because when I play people at or about my PP level I get flattened pretty good if he’s a shoto character. I usually do very well against certain characters Makoto and Ibuki and Cody, though.


Points don’t really matter, you are playing online. And, ofc it’s possible to game the system very much so. Some of the top people on the leaderboards are known boosters. Regardless, just play online to practice so you can preform in offline sessions and events.


Hi Chrispy lol. We played a couple matches a day or so ago.


To add to this; does anyone know why your pp/bp differs depending on who you’re playing? Some matches my pp and bp will be around 600, and other games my pp will be around 400 and my bp 1000+?


Points don’t matter at all. That’s why you fight in the matches!


It changes when you win or lose.


nah i’m talking being different numbers at different times, i’ll finish a game with say 1000PP 2000BP and in my next game I’ll have 600PP 1000BP with no matches in between. It seems the numbers dont remain constant


That’s strange, i can’t say I’ve ever seen that happen. You sure you’re not looking at the actual ranking?


well for example today my Honda’s BP was at 1200, I started up a game and it showed it to be 500


Was one game in ‘Super Street Fighter IV’ and the other in ‘Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition’? AE has a completely separate points rating to Super, which might explain the difference (maybe check your player data to see the character’s two BP values?)…


This has happened to me a number of times over the last two weeks. I’ve emailed Capcom about it, and after answering hundreds of questions regarding my connection, router, PSN and whatnot. They’ve yet to get back to me.