Battle-Poll Style ABC?

I’m thinking about doing a battle poll style long ava tourney where each tagger makes 3 avatars (for each of three different themes) and they battle against eachother exactly like in the battle poll. (If you wanted you could even wear “support” avatars to your battle that say how great the ava that’s actually being voted on is…lol)

I’m considering doing this after christmas, and then when it’s over we’d go back to normal-style ABC’s. Of course, since this would last a whole lot longer than the normal ABC’s I’d expect a lot of people to enter high-quality avatars, but the prizes would also be significantly beefed-up.

Would you guys be interested in that, or should I just keep the format I’ve been using? . Any changes that would help you enjoy these more? Anything that would make you want to enter again (or for the first time)?

If its one tme only, sure. The problem is it won´t encourage progression.

well i dunno if this will help (I said what i think is the problem in the other thread) but ill enter regardless… unless its while im gone.

Try everything once. Go for it gqac.

keep the regular format, but i think you should just stick to 1 or 2 consistent judges like chibi


i don’t really understand…we would have to make 3 avs for 3 themes in a battle?
why not just keep the regular format? Wasn’t the only problem was that ppl were just not feeling the themes?

Well, I thought having a long tournament might be a nice change, since we’ve already done 9 of these.

I think another problem may be that I’m just holding these too often, and people only end up participating every-other-one or less. If I leave more space between them, maybe it’ll make each one more of an “event” that people want to be a part of.

Any comments on that?


I think you’re right.

I think, starting in January, I might make these monthly instead of weekly.

Also, that’ll make deadlines real easy to remember.

Deadline = last day of the month

And then the battle will start on the first weekday of each month (cause I suck on weekends)


luvin yo av Nas.


Thanks yo :pleased:

Sounds good.

is correct. Worth a try.

I don’t think it’ll work.

It’s just that time of the year where most everyone has quite alot to do, school, the holidays, all that sort of thing.

You really haven’t had any problems with the way you were handling them, and I sincerely doubt people making three avatars for three themes. If ONE theme gave them trouble in 7 days time, three avatars will easily give them a headache, regardless of the time limit.

i prefer weekly tbh.