Battle Royale: Charlotte, NC 02/26/2011


What’s up everyone. We are back with our next tourney. Sorry it’s taken me so long to post this up but I have been working on a venue. For this months tourney XS has worked it out for us to use Play N Trades place.

I hopefully will have a permanent place for us. I have some exciting things planned for the community but the venue is the only thing holding it up. I’ll keep everyone posted as I find more :wink:

Here’s the info on our next monthly tournament.

When: Feb 26th.


Play N Trade-UNCC
230 WT Harris Blvd. Suite A5
Charlotte, NC 28262

Store # 704.549.1112


Registration starts at noon. We will start at 2pm sharp this time. Text me if you are running late so I can put you in the brackets and I will collect the money from you when you get there.


Venue fee is $10.
Majors are $10 ea.
Minors are $5 ea.


Super 4
Tekken 6

Minors: TBD,
3rd Strike
Super Turbo
Arcana Hearts, if we have time and/or there is a demand for it.

This should be a good practice run before Final Round. If your not going then this will just be good practice.

As usual I will need help with consoles, setups and games. We will comp the venue depending on what we use. This is at Play N Trade but I don’t think they will be able to help with systems.

See you all there.


I was at the last one and really enjoyed. I’d love to come to this one to, just as soon as I figure out what day I’m suppose to be there.


“Saturday, February 26 · 11:00am - 10:00pm” is what Facebook says.

  1. Put the date in the thread title.

  2. I think you meant “Royale”.


Thanks. Fixed. I am a horrible speller. I even checked google, lol.


Facebook Event Page Link - XsUndergrounD would love for you to Join Our Group On Facebook Thanks in advance


date in thread title!


Only a few more days left. Get hype!!


marvel needs to be $10 been out for 2 weeks


Your right. It will be. I’ll make the adjustment. How you been? you been training at all or did you decide to take a break like we talked about?


Do we have any help with games and consoles? If you can bring a monitor as well that would be awesome. Post up so I know whats going on.


When do you think the next tournament your having will be? I actually have some family in Charlotte so assuming i’m good on money and can take off work i’m definitely interested in checking it out. I don’t know if your planning on doing a monthly thing or not, I typically go to the Durham gamefrog tournaments but sometimes Luckys and will def try to make it to the next one.


What’s up chan. Yeah man these are monthly’s. I am coordinating with Lucky’s right now so we can do these every 2 weeks. I will let you know but I think it will be the end of march/ beginning of April. I will know in the next day or so.


Oh yea it’s all good I only need 2 weeks for these things to call off work and then since it’s all the way up there i’m gonna see if its good to chill at my aunts house for that night but if not i’ll still go. Will be nice to meet some more of the Charlotte people I know i’ve met alot of them at Luckys though the only one i’ve really talked to was DarkLight.


If you can make it down you can stay at my house. I am opening my door to people that come from out of town. I am thinking that after the tourneys we will go out and then have a little thing at my place and play some more games, woot!


Marvel is really fun for me at the moment just with the guide and training mode, havent had fun like this since vf5 but as of right now im not taking a break i can just foresee that im not going to be as active as before


I’m assuming MvC3 is gonna be on PS3? I would be able to bring my stuff if it was one 360…


Typically PS3 is tournament standard for NC (Lucky’s and the Gamefrog Tournament.) I don’t know about this one but more than likely yea.


What’s the expected turnout? I had to leave the Lucky’s MvC tourney early last week, but last I heard at 11PM, it was still going…



I have no idea what the expectations are, but this is what it was last time.

Charlotte New Years Beatdown

Which is pretty respectable, I guess we can expect some people to come who didn’t come last time and some new faces with Marvel out.