Battle Under the Mountain #1 - East Lansing, MI - Mar 13 (sun)

Welcome to the first Battle Under the Mountain (BUM1), our monthly Street Fighter event, brought to you by my awesome comics and games store Hollow Mountain!

Game: Street Fighter V (PS4)

Location: 49 Abbot Rd, East Lansing, MI 48824 – MSU Student Union in East Lansing. We’re in the Lake Superior room on the third floor.

Entry Fee: $8 – You can pay by card, but there will be an extra $1 convenience charge

Venue Fee: $5

Payout: 70/20/10 in cash – You can take 25% more winnings if you take it as Hollow Mountain store credit. We sell board games, card games and comics! I’ll try to bring some Street Fighter merch to the event.

Sign in: 1:30-2:00

Brackets start: 2:15

Facebook event:

Double elimination format
Matches are 2/3 games. All finals are 3/5 games
Either player can request double blind character select for game 1. After that, loser may change characters but winner has to keep.
PS3 legacy controllers are banned due to time constraints and lag issues. Please arrange for having a PS4 compatible controller.
PS4 pads are allowed for now, but make sure you desynch!

Parking: Check back soon for more info.

Food: There is a food court and convenience store inside the Union. Easy Peezy!

Setups: If you can bring a lagless monitor and a PS4 shoot me a message on here, or on Facebook. We can waive your venue fee, but please let us know you’re bringing it BEFORE the day of the event.

See you guys there!