Battlefart Clapcadia (CANCELLED)


This is cancelled.


I will be attending this event 100 Mike G does tourneys well…See you there :china:


nice tourney name. sounds like some shit you get after plowing your girl in the ass.


lol this nigga mike g. ill try to make it from FL


Welcome to… CLAPCADIA!


HAIL :pray:


I wish I wasn’t busy with finals at the time (Yeah I know I’m late)


I’ll be there. I love the 1 hour trip instead of 2 hour trip =)


yo damn!!!


Mike is the first Royal Jelly Professor of Clapcadia.


WOW, this shit is far :amazed:

Gonna try though.


It’s about a 2 hour trip from my house, not sure if I can make it :(.


im there! no super?


I mean we giving you guys like a two months head up. And it’s on a Saturday…

It’s far for most of us as well. Easiest and cheapest way is probably to take some train to Jamaica and switch to the LIRR. Then take that walk. It sucks but it is what it is.

We still need a venue, we’ve been looking everywhere so if anyone knows of a place or can help us please do.



good shit i missed it by 1 year :arazz:

but seriously… u guys couldnt find a closer place? how the hell did u end up in long island


hmm sounds interesting might be to far for me being the always late person


It’s technically Queens. Crazy right?


we are going to need some directions I will get lost :confused:


There are two ways. One is better than the other.

Good way:

Take 7 train to Main St Flushing or however you want to get there. There are tons of ways to getting to queens flushing. On Roosevelt ave between union and main street you can take the N20/N21 to the venue and walk one block to the place.

Bad Way:

Goto Jamaica and catch the Q 30. You have to walk like 15 blocks to the place.


SSF4 has been added due to the request I have been receiving from many people.

Also, the venue being really far shouldn’t be a big issue. This was posted almost 2 months prior to when it takes place and is not a bi-weekly, but rather a tournament series who’s dates are more sporadically (once every 1 or 2 months is what I am aiming at)

I also added the directions added by Poem to the main post. Hopefully, they are correct lol.