Battlefield 1 Maybe the Launch netcode won't suck this time


I am actually more excited than I thought I would be, I just hope they can work out the netcode.


world war 1



So instead of shooting shit with M16s and air support, you can shoot things with bolt action rifles and zeppelins?

Yeah, this will be a totally new game this time.




I still don’t get why there are people begging for modern FPS to go back to this limited and overdone old shit.


The trailer looked incredible but what’s most important is that DICE actually listened to their fans and decided to give us WWI. In other words, we’re going to get a new experience instead of playing the same rehashed thing over and over again. If anyone has played Battlefield 1942 or Battlefield Vietnam in conjunction with Bad Company 2, you’ll know what I mean. No, I don’t care for these futuristic settings with exo-skeletons and jetpacks. Give me a FPS in an interesting setting with fun gameplay and great graphics. Looks like Battlefield 1 will be doing that.


GOTY 2016


This isn’t the Deus Ex or Mirror’s Edge thread.


Might have to give this a go…on PC.


I’m hyped.

Waiting for the Ultimate edition to pre-order. (Deluxe + Season pass).


World War II is the war that’s overdone. How many games actually covered the first one?


Cause most FPS games right now are futuristic and it rustles a lot of jimmies.

Also muh realism


I hope this is accurate enough that any stages set on the western front are actually the pointless slogs that they were.


Yeah bro ur right totally cant wait for battlefield civil war edition either


If the team behind the game is creative they could give you any setting they would want, and the game would be good.


Im sorry, am i the only one that saw the spelling error in the title? lol




Advanced Warfare > Ancient Warfare


Yeah you’re right man.

Everyone REALLY wants another futuristic shooter, what with all the future warfares, black ops, titanfall, battlefront, halo, destiny saturating the market. That extra futuristic FPS will make all the difference.


The amount of shooters coming out this year is insane. I’m really looking forward to Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1 the most.


Ill play battlefield 1 but not at full price. A world war 1 game for $70 is a joke