BattleField Arcadia #2-S.F.4/BLAZBLUE/SMASH B.B/KOF12/S.CAL.4-$CASH$-NYC 08/08- 08/09

Just posted this on 8wayrun, since you guys are having an SC4 tournament.

Hopefully I can attend this entire event.

Thank you for your help and support…hopefully there are more in the community as committed as you :slight_smile:

i can come saturdays… but if these are sundays then i really can’t come… but hey im 2 1/2 hours away from the venue aka philly/Delaware so ill try to come out to show my support cuse im in there for BB!!

I’m posting this on Smash Boards, btw do you have any rules yet?

I posted the event up on the KingofFighters12 Facebook tho it got removed after a day, got a few replies tho so it might gotten out to at least a few more people

will try to make it. I have classes early in the morning(programming ftl…)

blaz is tight …and its on sat

we rent fight sticks (official sanya horis) for $5.00 for the tournament so think about it :slight_smile:

Well now that you mentioned it, I’ll def see if I can make it at least to KOFXII :razz:

edit: Will there be time for casuals btw?

its free casual play a hour before the events start throughout the whole day for anyone who payed the house fee :party:

glad you say it’s tight my friend!!.. i can’t make to this one becuase ill be in lancaster,PA for the whole week… im hoping the next one is saturday… cuse i know i can make saturdays… and i just think it would make more sense saturdays… but ill try to go sundays…

Might try and come to this cuz I can tell it needs more Ken in SF4:nunchuck:

**ken is the man!!!

The majority (read: all but WCG) uses PS3 as the flat standard for SC4.
On the website of Kings games, SC4 is the only tournament being run exclusively on the 360, which will severely decrease the amount of locals that attend.

Can you somehow have them to change it to all PS3?

now that you mention it we will have it on both platforms :slight_smile: thank you

I wander what changed your mind about Blazblue? :wonder:

So is it 20 dollars a game or is it 10 dollars plus 10 dollars each game?

I’ll see about coming to this, but I think you should lower the prices to $5, especially if you’re doing this on a bi-weekly basis. That’s just me though.

Also, let’s not take 7 hours to run the tournaments this time either, thanks. Make sure the games have enough tvs to accommodate for everything.

Dont worry everyone you will be content knowing that we will now have 7 televisions all 42 inchs 1080p and 3 60 inchs 1080p

we are also using both floors this time so dont worry about being crowded either :slight_smile:

its $10.00 house and $10.00 each game :wgrin: