BattleField Arcadia #3: Results

Street Fighter 4 Final Results:

1 Joe C. -Sagat-
2 Dieminion (Empire) -Guile, Edmon Honda-
3 KDZ (Empire) -Rufus, Abel-
4 Mario Dude -Bison-
5 IFC Yipes (Empire) -Ken-
5 Lincoln -Rufus, Sagat-
7 Noel Brown (Empire) -Sagat-
7 Rashaan (Empire) -Gen, Dhalsim-

Blaz Blue Final Results:

1 Alzarath
2 Braver
3 Jeffrey Chang
4 Justing “Marvelous” Wong (Empire)
5 Blaze
5 Lee
7 Vincent Shan
7 Bad fish

Is there anyway you can put the characters that people used in both games?

Go Joe

Dieminion, WHY?! WHYYYYYYYY?! Still, it’s great to see that someone actually plays Guile.

Live stream was great, thanks to all that set it up and worked so hard. Awesome to be able to watch when I couldn’t attend.

Joe definitely held it down, just hurts to see a Guile work so damn hard for every centimeter of damage.

Joe came back like a champ though, 7(?) straight rounds. Nice fight.

Gs joe.

All the matches on the stream + added commentary from top players and in direct feed will be available this week on for your viewing pleasure.

…if anyone actually does get pleasure from watching 30 minutes of grand finals tigershots vs sonic booms. hahaha

Great event!

Why not give us full results?


…I had a blast regardless ^_^.

i believe it was

1 Alzarath rachel
2 Braver carl
3 Jeffrey Chang nu 13
4 Justing “Marvelous” Wong (Empire) ragna
5 Blaze ragna
5 Lee nu 13
7 Vincent Shan ragna
7 Bad fish idk lol

KDZ!!! your my new hero!!!

p.s. since when did you become empire???

GGs to everyone, I had a blast. Seb as always, awesome job on the steam and the recording of the matches, hope to see my match on youtube with Yipes during casual play. :cool:

Good tourney. Props to Empire for the event


well i can tell you for sure that alzarath used rachel, braver used carl, and i used tager and hakumen in one match, justin wong used ragna.

I have to say i did quite well and this was a huge blast for everyone there including myself. entering even a bigger tourney than the one at the break i can now truly say im a solid contender for blazblue. i just gotta keep training and keep getting better and better…and possibly a second main would do me good lol.

anyway props and mad shoutouts:

terrance:dunno if your on the site but nice ragna dude u forced me in the losers first round, and i think yur right i woulda had that match had i held that atomic collider but i didnt realize ya teched, my error my loss, hehe no hard feelings just gg my freind.

noel: well thats the name u used in bb, nice uhh noel lol, but our first round was awesome, i almost bit it back there.

idk his name but the guy playing as bang: was a very great match the best i had there, plus putting bangs music for the stage then getting it overrided by itself was just made of yes and win and a dash of epic, actually no one realized to change bangs awesome music for most of the matches!! the final though with genesic was the best cause everybody there was going crazy gg bro i almost bit it against ur bang too.

joe c: dude good shit in sf4 repping sagat and i had fun vsing u in bb i would say just play some more and youll get much better, with jin and arakune.

i dont remember if i had a 4th round dude if i did gg

braver: good shit dude and sorry if i was going against ya in most of ur matches, lol, but i really hate carl…grrrrr, anyway ur a cool dude and i give u respect no matter what for mastering such a character as carl. i actually beat ya 1st match. its just too bad imo that carl has the infinite, no hate on you, but it makes him broke, but nonetheless great games.

the emporers hand or triforce: unfortunately i dont remember which one of u is which but the guy with the power glove, thanks for talking to me about empire arcadia, it gave me a lot of insight into the group!!!

mariodude: nice talking to u on the train bout bb and sf4. and great job on getting 4th in sf4 with bison.

kdz: lol at ya breaking or messing up most stuff in the first rounds dude.

and finally justin wong: was great finally meeting ya for the first time, u were mad chill the whole time through, and thannks for freeplay in bb even though i know u were kinda busy and good shit with ragna. mad props to ya.

this whole thing was great and i will try and plan to make it to more catch ya later!!

Joe Repping LI! Brining that Empire Arcadia trophy home for us!

Emperorshand is someone completely different. Thank you for coming out. If you have any other questions, send me a pm. It’s better that way because I get to focus on answering you questions thoroughly rather than being distracted with work such as running brackets and updating BattleField live results.

Videos are going up! They look and sound nicer than on the stream, I promise!

Here’s a highlight: IFC Yipes vs HoldDat feat. Justin Wong on commentary!

hey so when are all the videos that were on the live stream going to be up?

i guess i wouldn’t have my first sf4 tournament any other way.

i was the the guy from the wc who got asSALTed first round playing against sanford. totally wasn’t expecting salt to fly all over the place. after playing here i’m pretty sure it’s gonna be much easier playing on the wc haha. everyone was on my ass.


winners bracket

sanford- guess i can’t throw out those predictable headbutts. from what i remember i think i ate an ultra and a super because of it.

losers bracket

gen player- i am really bad with names, but good game. i bet once you learn the honda matchup it will be a lot easier than it was.

rashaan- i don’t know if you main sagat, but good games. both sets were close but i still got 2-0’d.

people i played in casuals

abel/rufus player in purple shirt- i am assuming you were KDZ? i didn’t know rufus was that good on honda…either that or you counter my honda really well. your abel was pretty good as well. once it got going it was really hard to stop.

balrog player- we talked a lot, but i also forgot your name haha. i learned a few things from playing your rog.

no sanford in top 8…

Yipes and KDZ double upsetted Sanford’s Gouken.