BattleField Arcadia #4: Results

Street Fighter 4

1 - Rico - 10pts
2 - Mario Dude - 6pts
3 - Lincoln - 4pts
4 - Liston - 2pts
5 - Jeron (Empire)-1pt
5 - Ben Fong - 1pt

Blaz Blue (Ranking Suspended)

1st - Alzerath
No other Ranking

whoa hey what happened did no one show up today? only one dude for bb and 5 for sf4? and ranking suspended? what went down? and no hdr? stuff must have been serious…

Nah, more then 5 for SFIV but he just listed top 5. Only 4 for BB though.

I did really shitty this time going 0-2, though my first loss was against the champ Rico whose Abel is beastly so that’s just bad luck getting matched up with him first time (on the laggy TV, no less).

basically bb got canned b/c only 5 ppl were there

was gonna do round robin but we all knew who’d win sooo…

Matches will start going up tomorrow!

First, we have the pre-tournament match between Mariodood’s Bison and Sanford’s Dan:

Had fun, faced some tough comp. Would love to come again. Network puppy asked me what a good way to test for lag was. There are three ways I know about. I have listed them in order from most accurate to least accurate. (8 to 16 miliseconds lag is acceptable and not noticable. That corresponds to 1/2 to 1 frame of lag)

  1. Comparison with a 0 lag crt (most accurate)

  2. Rock band test
    Rock Band 2 includes a calibration test with no input required from the user. The lag is measured automatically using the Rock Band 2 Guitar and Microphone.

  3. guitar hero test (least accurate)
    One is with a copy of Guitar Hero II or higher. These titles includes a calibration test, which gives you the delay in milliseconds after testing a “note” going down the screen. You can strum with the D-Pad of your controller (no guitar controller necessary).

thanks for the link. Very awesome Dan.

Watched the whole thing yesterday…That was some of the funniest commentating I’ve heard.

Good commentating is always a plus.

Great Stream Seb! I liked how I was getting commentated on when I wasn’t even there haha. Confusing all us Bison players with eachother man haha.

Easier lag test:

  1. Start HDR
  2. Pick a shoto
  3. Press jab.

It’s pretty easy to tell when there are no in-between drawings.

I’m glad that you all had a great time. BattleField Arcadia #6 is on the way. There will be a intermission event at the ARC for the BattleField invitationals. Below is the the final invitational list.

**Event: BattleField Arcadia: #5 “The ARC Invitational”

Location: 557 Midwood Street 2nd Floor
Brooklyn NY, 11203

Date: Sunday September 20th, 2009**

**BattleField Arcadia: #5 “ARC Invitational #1” Street Fighter 4 **

**New York City’s Finest
1st - LI Joe - 16pts. (NYC Rep Qualifier)
2nd - Rico Suave - 10pts. (NYC Rep Qualifier)
3rd - Mario Dude - 9pts. (NYC Rep Qualifier)
4th - Lincoln M. - 5pts. (NYC Rep Qualifier)
5th - Chris Hu - 4pts. (NYC Rep Qualifier) Additional Seeding
6th - Liston - 3pt. (NYC Rep Qualifier) Additional Seeding

**Empire Arcadia
1st - Sanford - 10pts. (Empire Qualifier)
2nd - Andre - 10pts. (Empire Qualifier)
3rd - Dieminon - 6pts. (Empire Qualifier)
4th - Flash Metroid - 6pts. (Empire Qualifier)
5th - Evil Rashaan - 5pts. (Empire Qualifier) *Additional Seeding
6th - KDZ - 4pts. (Empire Qualifier) *Additional Seeding **

**BattleField Arcadia: #5 “ARC Invitational #1” Blaz Blue **

**New York City’s Finest
1st - Alzarath - 30pts. (NYC Rep Qualifier)
2nd - Braver - 6pts. (NYC Rep Qualifier)
3rd - Zidane 1337 - 6pts. (NYC Rep Qualifier)
4th - Twilight - 6pts. (NYC Rep Qualifier)

Empire Arcadia
1st - Justin “Marvelous” Wong - 2pts. (Empire Qualifier)
2nd - KDZ - Auto seed (Empire Qualifier)
3rd - D1 - Auto seed (Empire Qualifier)
4th - Andre - Auto seed (Empire Qualifier)**

See tournament events for official thread.

god damn it, if only i made it on time im pretty sure i would of placed high enough to get some points and qualify. o well itll still be fun to watch

Yo the commenting was GODLIKE…Sodium Levels are through the roof…LMAO…more people need to show up for the hype and the saltiness…trust me there always enough Morton’s to go around…Wow i actually got invited to something…i never get get invited to special tournaments…Good iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiish:woot:

Is the arc invitational single elim?


What you know about?

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Double Elimination

No doubt… you seen the new video for “Walk Wit Me” Prod. by Scram Jones from the iTunes version Bonus track?

…and I hope you already seen the video for the single…

why is the one guy talking so much shit about mariodude