BattleField Arcadia: #5 "The ARC Invitational"


Greetings Street Fighter 4 and Blaz Blue Players of the Empire State. You have been cordially invited to Empire Arcadia’s ARC to compete in a private Invitation only Fighting Game Competition. Below are the details and a list of all the players invited.

**Event: BattleField Arcadia: #5 “The ARC Invitational”

Location: 557 Midwood Street 2nd Floor
Brooklyn NY, 11203

Date: Sunday September 20th, 2009

Time: 3pm to 8pm**

**BattleField Arcadia: #5 “ARC Invitational #1” Street Fighter 4 **

**New York City’s Finest
1st - LI Joe - 16pts. (NYC Rep Qualifier)
2nd - Rico Suave - 10pts. (NYC Rep Qualifier)
3rd - Mario Dude - 9pts. (NYC Rep Qualifier)
4th - Lincoln M. - 5pts. (NYC Rep Qualifier)
5th - Chris Hu - 4pts. (NYC Rep Qualifier) Additional Seeding
6th - Liston - 3pt. (NYC Rep Qualifier) Additional Seeding

**Empire Arcadia
1st - Sanford - 10pts. (Empire Qualifier)
2nd - Andre - 10pts. (Empire Qualifier)
3rd - Dieminon - 6pts. (Empire Qualifier)
4th - Flash Metroid - 6pts. (Empire Qualifier)
5th - Evil Rashaan - 5pts. (Empire Qualifier) *Additional Seeding
6th - KDZ - 4pts. (Empire Qualifier) *Additional Seeding **

**BattleField Arcadia: #5 “ARC Invitational #1” Blaz Blue **

**New York City’s Finest
1st - Alzarath - 30pts. (NYC Rep Qualifier)
2nd - Braver - 6pts. (NYC Rep Qualifier)
3rd - Zidane 1337 - 6pts. (NYC Rep Qualifier)
4th - Twilight - 6pts. (NYC Rep Qualifier)

Empire Arcadia
1st - Justin “Marvelous” Wong - 2pts. (Empire Qualifier)
2nd - KDZ - Auto seed (Empire Qualifier)
3rd - D1 - Auto seed (Empire Qualifier)
4th - Andre - Auto seed (Empire Qualifier)**

Further details and Rules will be posted shortly.


Is this open to spectators?


It’s going to be a party @ The Arc :party:


I was also wondering if this was open to spectators. If not, this definitely WILL be streamed right?


You better believe I’m gonna be there for recording and streaming!



that’s good to hear lol


i highly doubt zidane is going since he doesnt play bb anymore




Won’t be able to make this. Sorry.


Is he playing GG again???

If so :lovin:

but still good luck to the BB players.


zidane will always be playing gg lol.


hey how do i get here, some1 pm me about directions, train to take ect pleez, or if i can roll wit sum1 pleez pm me bout dat


Im sure it is


This is what happens when your busy all day. This event is invitation only. The ARC can only hold 25 people “uncomfortably”. However from what Seb posted it will be live Streamed. Seb could you be here by 1pm? Yipes and Rashaan will be doing comedy commentary to keep you guys in good spirits.

Yes…we are buying a new bottle of salt for this event.


is this going to be streamed live? if so please post it in this thread so us little people in Fl can watch some good matches.


We are setting up now when the stream goes up we will post the link.







Seb is here and live Stream Equipment is being set up.


has the streamed been put up yet?