BattleField Arcadia #6: Results

Street Fighter 4:

1st - Justin “Marvelous” Wong (EMPIRE)
2nd - Chris Hu
3rd - Sanford “Santhrax” Kelly (EMPIRE)
4th - Aqua
5th - Zohta
5th - CitiofBrass
7th - KDZ (EMPIRE)
7th - DS

Blaz Blue

1st - BAM BAM
2nd - Duke
3rd - BK Lee
4th - Biscuit
5th - Michael Z
5th - Jintastic

Gods of Marvel (Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Exhibition)

1st - 2008 Champion (Justin “Marvelous” Wong)
2nd - 2007 Champion (Michael “IFC Yipes” Mendoza)
3rd - 2009 Champion (Sanford “Santhrax” Kelly)

Thanks for hostin the tourney, it was fun - good stuff bambam for blazblu

Aqua you too nice man.

Thank you all for coming and joining the tournament. It was a nail biter at the end!!

See you all at our next one!!!

Props to JWong with Fei Long. I was watching the stream and definitely loved what I saw.

Justin won with Fei Long? Dayum. I’ve gotta see those vids.

Justin played the whole tournament with Fei

Wow, congratulations to Justin Wong!

I’m going to look up those vids, see how he did that. Amazing.

Fei Long ftw. Everything or nothing. Go for Broke.

enter the dragon lol

Fei long ftw

Vids will be at as usual!

post those vids post haste this time, my nyghhha.

Feeling better yet man? I hope you recover from the flu.

I was losing hope in fei long in sf4 but now i can see hes a threat justin turned it around for me with this tournament i mean for real yo like i’m all about feis fine yellow ass rep dat china man keep the faith i can now in all confidence say that he is the best console character hands down

GGs to everyone I played today. Really great stuff all around. It was like a mini TRF tourney.

ggs to everyone i played, Ben you HAD me but theres always next time. good shit to justin for not only sticking to his word but for winning the whole thing using fei, wish i could of played u with my gief but it didnt happen
@ Aqua - we puttin gief up there

GGs to everyone including justin for showin me how crazy fei wong can be lol my first match in the tournament i knew i was playing him lol

ggs to DS too, great fight

GS, J. Def gotta see those sf4 vids where you win with fei.